In case any of you lot don’t know this already

Doctor Who is absolutely brilliant.  I don’t know why I never watched it before.  What a weirdo I was until relatively recently, spending all my time not watching Doctor Who.  So if you have never seen Doctor Who before, you should just go ahead and find it, and watch it.  I’m in love with it.  There are dozens and dozens of episodes to watch, so you can probably just start anywhere.  I’m watching The Mind Robber right now, and it is charming.  As I type this, the absurdly adorable Zoe and Jamie (they are traveling around with the Second Doctor) are being trapped inside a giant book.  They are.  It’s true.

And you know why else I like Doctor Who?  Because I have been watching the recent series, with Christopher Eccleston and now David Tennant, and this is a show that knows itself.  I really like that.  The Doctor said his name was Dr. James McCrimmon in an episode in the second series, which is adorable Jamie’s name from the late sixties.  Sarah Jane shows up and makes reference to a bunch of things that happened in her time with the Doctor.  It is nice and self-referential, and it pleases me.  I hate it in TV shows when they forget all about things that happened a few seasons ago.  That’s damn annoying.  The Tenth Doctor still remembers things that happened forty years ago.

This is also the reason I won’t be posting loads of reviews.  I am watching Doctor Who like a fiend, and getting a lot of cross-stitching done.  I read before I go to bed, to ward off the no-reading headaches I would otherwise get, but mainly I am with the watching of wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Doctor Who.  And you should too.