All the rest of the volumes of Fables, except the seventh which wasn’t anywhere, Bill Willingham et. al.

So, okay, admittedly I am having trouble facing the idea of human interaction these days on account of being totally down in the dumps, but still it seems excessive for me to have read all the rest of the Fables volumes since Tuesday night.  It went like this: I got the fourth volume from the library near work on Wednesday, read that; went to two different libraries on Thursday to get one and three and read those; then on Saturday I went to Bongs & Noodles and read two, and that evening I went to the main branch of the library to get six, because Bongs & Noodles didn’t have it, and I got eight and nine while I was there too, because, you know, why not?  And then today I read ten and eleven at Bongs & Noodles.

(In my defense I did buy a book for myself and a birthday card and a birthday gift for someone else while I was at Bongs & Noodles on Saturday.  So I am not completely using them.)

Seven wasn’t anywhere.  Bongs & Noodles didn’t have it, not even the one out by the mall, and it was checked out of all the reasonably close branches of the library too.  So I’ve read all of them except for the seventh.  It was fun!  A teeny weeny bit out of order, but not to an unacceptable extent, since I am immune to plot spoilers.  (It’s the emotional moments I don’t want spoiled, and those don’t get spoiled by finding out what plot points occurred (usually).)  I am pleased that the comic is not being discontinued despite having reached a point that could be considered by some to be a natural stopping point.  I am just now in the process of deciding whether I’m going to subscribe to get the next bunch, or just wait until the next volume comes out.  Decisions, decisions.

  • They are just that addictive. The only reason why I didn’t read them all in a week was that I didn’t have access to them.