The Genie of Sutton Place, George Selden

Okay, okay, okay.  So I read A Cricket in Times Square (of course).  And then I read the one about Tucker the Rat.  But DID YOU KNOW that the same author also wrote a charming book about a boy whose father dies and he goes to live with his uptight aunt, and she tries to make him get rid of his dog, and he finds a genie called Abdullah?

Well – yeah.  It’s true!  He finds a genie, and the genie falls in love with the maid-of-all-work, Rose, and the dog falls in love with the uptight aunt, and everything works out for the best.  I didn’t know George Selden had written any other books, and then my sister found this in the discards pile at the library.  She is very clever about finding things in the discards pile at the library, and very generous about lending them to me to read even before she gets a chance to read them.

  • Mum

    Oh, this charms me. Can I borrow it too?