Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is out in trade paperback today!

As requested, I am posting this reminder about the release of Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon. My review of the series is here. The gist of it is that Matt Fraction and David Aja have produced something really cool, stylish, and unique, and you do not need to be in on all of the Marvel backstory to think it’s incredible. Go buy it immediately. Buy it at your local comic book store if possible! Buy several copies for your friends and relations. It’s not fair to this character for everyone to be thinking of him in terms of boring oatmeal Jeremy Renner.

  • Mine is despatching soon 😀 Yay!

  • zibilee

    Yay! Thanks for reminding me today! I am off to get my copy now! You rock!

  • I’ve asked my library to order a copy, but if they don’t do so soon, I’ll be looking into getting a copy for myself 🙂

  • GOT IT. Thanks to Captain Hammer!