Stand by.

Just a notification for you, lovely bloggy friends: I’m moving and starting a new job within the next few weeks, so I will not be posting as much until probably after Thanksgiving. I’ll still be reading and commenting, but I just won’t be reading anything new. I am sticking to a strict diet of books I have read before, and I’m not going to lie: It will be overwhelmingly Elizabeth Peters. I’m reading Sunshine right now (still awesome), but then it’s going to be all mysteries and thrillers written by the lady who has read all the same trashy early-twentieth-century books that I’ve read.

We’ll still have the podcast as regularly scheduled — we’re reading Eleanor and Park, hooray! But THAT’S IT.

Wish me luck!

29 thoughts on “Stand by.

  1. Good luck with the moving. I always think of what C.S. Lewis says in Shadowlands when Joy is moving, about how hard it is to have to “move house.” She asks how would he know and he says something about how he moved 25 years ago and still remembers it.

  2. Oh, Jenny! So excited to hear of this exciting change in your life (and that you will continue to entertain me with books on the interwebs) I bet Mumsy is happy, too.
    Yes moving is the worst but it has a few upsides, like getting excuse and opportunity to purge unneeded crap/stuff, cleaning, starting fresh, new perspectives, new friends to make, having old friends to visit in places in you already know, and the reminders that books are heavy. Lift with your legs.

    • Hahaha, I do lift with my legs. My dear kind uncle came to help me move, and he was angelically uncomplaining about it as a whole, but he did keep saying “You have a lot of books. You have a LOT of books.” (It’s true. I do. All in boxes I got from the liquor stores.)

  3. Hideously late to the leaving party, but GOOD LUCK with the move and the job. It all sounds very exciting indeed and I look forward to hearing more about both…. hopefully? Rereading sounds eminently sensible.

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