Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.13a: Christmas Books!

Merry Christmas, Christmas celebrating people! Today’s very abbreviated podcast talks about the Christmas books we love! Whiskey Jenny, Randon, and I all list our favorite Christmas books, some well-known and some wildly underappreciated. Let us know your favorites too! You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or download the file directly here to take with you on the go.

Episode 13a

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2 thoughts on “Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.13a: Christmas Books!”

  1. I am very late to this party because I listened to this on a plane when I could not comment and then promptly forgot about it. But I suspect you would both enjoy one of my favorites, Jenny Overton’s The Thirteen Days of Christmas. I’m not entirely sure if it’s still in print or if it was ever sold in the US — I picked up my copy when I was a kid living in London. It is basically a novelization and backstory for the song the 12 Days of Christmas, where each chapter is a day of the celebration. It starts on the Feast of St. Nicolas and then jumps forward to Christmas Eve. Into the story it works a lot of English holiday traditions and we’ve always read it in “real” time as a way to stretch out the Christmas reading. The one book I read without fail every year is A Child’s Christmas in Wales, which I love to read aloud and have forced AJ to listen to since he was very small. Other family favorites, besides A Christmas Carol are the chapter Dulce Domum from Wind in the Willows, the opening chapter of Little Women, the Christmas chapter of Little House in the Big Woods, and my personal favorite The Box of Delights by John Masefield.

    1. Aw, The Box of Delights! I keep meaning to read that — Tom Lynn recommended it to Polly in one of my favorite ever books, Fire and Hemlock, and everything else he recommended to her was great.

      I’m adding the Jenny Overton book to my PaperbackSwap wishlist, because, you never know! (like the lottery)

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