Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.16a: Special Valentine’s Day Podcast!

Two podcasts in one week! How did you ever get so lucky?? This is just a quick one, in honor of Valentine’s Day: Whiskey Jenny and I talk about some of our favorite love story couples, and then we play a fairly unromantic (but fun!) game about ROMANTIC RIVALS. Can’t tell you how embarrassed I am about the Chatterley thing. Whatever. I know other stuff. You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or download the file directly to take with you on the go.

Episode 16a

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Producer: Captain Hammer
Photo credit: The Illustrious Annalee
Song is by Jeff MacDougall and comes from here.

9 thoughts on “Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.16a: Special Valentine’s Day Podcast!”

    1. I think our hardest to date was the German or British one last time. But this one had a surprising number of people I didn’t know. :/

  1. Haha, I loved this podcast! It was really fun listening to you guys try to come up with characters’ names — especially “the drippy one” from Phantom (so true!).

  2. I love your podcasts, but you two Jennys are always too far from the microphone!

    I’ve never read anything by Sarah Dessen – should I try her books?

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