Veronica thou art loosed

Is it okay to admit that I’m really, really psyched for the future of Veronica Mars? Am I jinxing anything by saying that? A Netflix series would be ideal, I think we can all agree: TV show format plus unlimited cussing; but I’m down for whatever. I really, really liked the Veronica Mars movie.

Note: All spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

The wonderful Linda Holmes, with whom I nearly always agree (particularly about gender stuff), wrote a piece complaining about the trope of the Bad Caterpillar and how boring it is to have made the love of the Bad Caterpillar the main stakes in the movie. Piffle, say I. Bad Caterpillar Logan having his edges sanded off (shut up! I can mix my metaphors however I want!) is a side show. The stakes of the movie are whether Veronica is capable of — or interested in — becoming her own Good Butterfly; and I don’t think any of us needed twelve voice-overs with appropriative addiction language to assure us that she isn’t.

Probably, yes.

There’s a scene in the third season of the show where Logan and Veronica are having a fight, and Logan says, “Even right now, as you’re thinking Crap, he’s got a point, you still think you’re ultimately right.” It’s such a good line! It’s so true! Veronica always still thinks she’s ultimately right. Believing that the end justifies the means is the downside to her unflinching moral code, and some of the means she’s employed over the years were, yeah, pretty damn shady.

If we’re Veronica’s friends, we obviously want her to get an amazing job as a hotshot New York lawyer, marry someone sweet and attentive if she feels like it, maybe seek some therapy to work through her not-inconsiderable trust issues, and never ever set foot in Neptune again. But we’re not her friends, and we don’t truly want what’s best for her. We don’t want her to find peace. We want her to be angry and not to leave well enough alone. We want her to take on social inequality like the damn force of nature she always was.

Which is why Logan’s Good-Butterfly-ness or lack thereof is, in my opinion, not the point of the movie; and also is not that relevant to the Netflix series that I have now convinced myself we’re going to get even though I know we probably won’t. Logan’s the reason Veronica comes to Neptune, but he’s not remotely the reason she stays. She stays because she is angry and she can’t leave things alone, and the corrupt pricks of the Neptune police force framed her friend and almost killed her father. Like she would ever leave after that.


I think it’s pretty impressive that the movie conveyed all of this while staying true to who the character has always been and squeezing in an appearance by Max Greenfield. (Bless him.) I have missed watching Kristen Bell tilt at windmills, and I’m excited at the prospect of setting her loose on the forces of racial injustice in this country. Woohoo! Down with racial injustice! NEXT I WOULD LIKE A NETFLIX SERIES.

by far the best person Veronica ever dated
Unnecessary Deputy Leo

And now, an important question that Whiskey Jenny and I have been considering: Who leans against a car better, Timothy Olyphant or Jason Dohring?

Timothy Olyphant
Jason Dohring
  • Now I need to watch season three and watch the film. Right now. This minute.

    • Gin Jenny

      Indeed. Indeed you do need to do that. You could even skip the third season. It’s not that good. There’s this whole serial rapist plotline that’s preposterous.

  • Such good car leaning, love…

    I’m with you on Logan/Veronica not being the true stakes of the movie, although the movie sure wanted us to think that it was (especially transforming Logan from a bad guy to, literally, a dude in a white uniform, which was just so over the top — my one real critique of the movie). I’ve never been especially interested in the two of them, more with Veronica the Righteous Badass taking on injustice, as I so hope she will continue to do on Netflix 🙂

    Now I need to rewatch everything.

    • Gin Jenny

      Yep, agreed. Could have done without the uniform.

      Veronica the Righteous Badass is everything I have ever wanted. I want her to become the, like, go-to guy for people whom the sheriff’s department has done wrong. She can solve all those cases week to week. That would be amazing. On Netflix please.

  • Ahh I want to read this post SO BAD but I haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet. I think we are going this weekend so it will have to wait until then.

    • Gin Jenny

      Yayyy! Oh, I hope you like it!

  • Jason Dohring. Hands down.

    • Gin Jenny

      Huh. Don’t fully agree.

  • “We want her to take on social inequality like the damn force of nature she always was.” Yes, oh YES. My kingdom for more Neptune stories!

    PS: Jason Dohring hands down <3

    • Gin Jenny

      My kingdom for more Neptune stories also!

      (I love Jason Dohring, but it’s Timothy Olyphant’s. Completely.)

  • But we’re not her friends, and we don’t truly want what’s best for her.

    So, so true. There are a few series where I actually do want what’s best for the main character, but this is absolutely not one of them. I want what’s most interesting for Veronica, even if it ain’t particularly healthy and/or safe. I want her to remake Neptune from the ground up. I want her to take some terrible hits along the way, because remaking corrupt cities is dangerous. I want her to engage in witty banter with everyone she comes across, get in craploads of trouble whenever she overextends herself (which should be all the time, because interesting), and snog Logan on a regular basis.

    Preferably during a Netflix series in which there is occasional cussing.

    • Gin Jenny

      Yeah, like I legit want the best for Xander. Only the best for Xander. I even legit want the best for Logan (which incidentally I do not think is Veronica, because her trust issues and reckless disregard for her personal safety aren’t going to stop bashing into his not-trustworthiness and Harry-Potter-sized saving-people-thing), but not truly for Veronica. I like it when she wades wrathfully into battle.

      YES TO CUSSING. It could be more than occasional. I would be fine with that. I really was pleased in the film when she told Justin Long to fuck off.

  • I would allow Mr. Olyphant to lean on my car. His good guy Justified role compared to the mean guy Die Hard role is an amazing study in contrast. He has some talent.

    I know about Veronica Mars but only saw one or two of the shows so this post is way over my head. Is Neptune the town she is from or did it go off on a scifi tangent?

    Anyway, “hello.”

    • Gin Jenny

      Hi! Also, yeah, Timothy Olyphant can come lean on my car any time he wants. It’s kind of boxy, though, so he might not find it comfortable.

      Neptune’s the town. Oh, you should watch Veronica Mars properly! It’s awfully good.

  • I like Logan in the uniform (aside from his new skinnyness). It seems right to me that his inner adrenaline junkie would be fed by flying planes, and I remember the romantic ending of An Officer and a Gentleman fondly, as at the time, there was a bit of a recession and due to other alternatives not being available, Ron had gone to Officer Candidate School for the Navy. I had not had a particularly favorable view of the military before that, but we met a lot of people who were smart and interesting, and it seems right to me that Logan would reconcile the contradiction of having family money during an economic downturn with doing something for his country.

    • Gin Jenny

      That seemed totally fair to me also! I thought that although it seemed at first like a slightly cartoonish development, it actually makes sense. It’s the family money thing, the adrenaline thing, and also the thing where you know Logan just likes saving people and feeling like a hero.

  • I did really love the premise of the movie and hadn’t thought about it as not being good for Veronica. You’re right, it’s not, but it is her being true to herself and how can that be totally bad for her? Even if it kills her, at least she dies knowing she kicked some injustice ass and was awesome doing it. In the pictures above I have to say Jason but if you had a picture of Deadwood Timothy Olyphant doing some leaning, the tables most certainly would turn.

    • Gin Jenny

      Hahahahaha, is Deadwood-era Timothy Olyphant better? I haven’t watched it yet so I can only speculate.

  • Jenny

    I’m taking myself to see the movie this week! The Mars oeuvre definitely needs a Netflix series added in. I am well up for that. Oh, and for leaning against cars, Robert Redford and/or Paul Newman cannot be beat, sorry for going vintage but that’s the real answer.

    • Gin Jenny

      Fun! Make sure to come back here later and tell me what you thought of it!

      I feel like you misunderstood the contest. It’s not a contest of who has been the best at leaning against cars ever in the history of people. You have to choose one of the above two!

      (Paul Newman, btw. Over Robert Redford. Every time.)

      • Jenny

        You’re right about Paul Newman. I actually went and looked at pictures and you have the rightness.

        I really, really liked the movie. It was like some of the X-Files movies in being very like a long, satisfying episode. Poor Piz; he was like the Mars series Lloyd Dobler and he didn’t belong. We knew it couldn’t last.

        I had a “really?” reaction with Logan in the military, but Jeanne’s and your comments above have won me over. Besides, I can’t think of anything else he’d do better. Surfing instructor? Special guest on The Wild Kratts?

  • I watched the first few episodes of Veronica Mars and never got back to it. I need to change that. I love it when series that ended keep coming back as movies or Netflix series!

    • Gin Jenny

      Yes, you should change that! It’s an awfully good show.

  • The Olyphant/Dohring debate is a tough one. Because on one level, they’re both charming men leaning against vehicles, but when they stand up, one will be bringing the swift hand of justice and the other will be begging/hoping/praying someone will bring it to him. Those are two very different kinds of lean. (Also I just found that if you Google ‘swift hand of justice’ perhaps to learn its origin in the English language, your top hits are all related to World of Warcraft… Interesting.)

    • Gin Jenny

      Hahahahaha, okay, yeah, you’re making good points. Those are two different kinds of lean. I maybe stacked the decks against Jason Dohring on this one.

  • Dohring. Then Francis Capra (of course he would lean on a motorbike but I think he still gets to be in the race).

    Ok the big thing I want from this Netflix series is to see Mac work through her problems with being employed by Caine. Just giving you a heads up for when you start getting Rob Thomas involved 😀

  • Lu

    THIS. I have long said that if Veronica were my friend, I would want Piz, and New York, and all that good stuff for her. But she isn’t my friend! I can want her to do the worst possible thing (move back to Neptune, give broken Logan a chance at wholeness with her, fix the injustices of Neptune one dirty cop at a time) for her because it makes for an excellent Netflix series that I would watch forever and ever amen.

  • For me the stakes of the film were more about Veronica’s relationship with Neptune (and Logan was part of that.) Your comment about what is best for her vs. what is most interesting is spot on. Like others have said above, the uniform on Logan looked rather silly at first. I thought him joining the military made sense overall, but those dress whites were a bit much for his first scene. Even one of the less ostentatious uniforms would have been an improvement.

    Loved the film overall and all the characters they were able to bring back. One of my favorite comedic lines: “Words with friends?” “Some people call it texting.”