Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.21: B-side Books, The People in the Trees, and a Mad Scientist Game

In this edition of the Reading the End Bookcast, the Jennys talk about authors and their B-sides: the lesser books that we love and hate. We review Hanya Yanigahara’s The People in the Trees, because once just isn’t enough, and we play a game of my own invention about mad scientists of fiction. You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or download the file directly to take with you on the go.

Episode 21

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Here are the contents of the podcast if you’d like to skip around!

Starting at 1:15 – I briefly shriek about the upcoming Showtime show Penny Dreadful. Since recording this podcast, I have watched the pilot episode, which is freely available on Showtime’s website! Basically, Timothy Dalton teams up with a sharpshooter, Eva Green, and Dr. Frankenstein to save his daughter from vampires. There’s no reason not to be excited for this.

Starting at 4:30 – We talk about authors and their B-sides. My taxonomy of B-sides is as follows, in case you are curious:

Category 1: Books that are on an author’s B-side, but I think they should be on the A-side

Category 2: Books that have made the transition from B-side to A-side due to shifts in cultural awareness

Category 3: Books that are on an author’s B-side and you believe they belong there, but you still love them

Category 4: Books that are on an author’s B-side and you believe they belong there, and you don’t care for them

Starting at 20:50 – We review The People in the Trees (affiliate links: Amazon, B&N, Book Depository), with all spoilers throughout — although truly, the newspaper article that kicks off the book pretty much tells you the outline of what the book’s going to be about. So spoilers may not be a thing for this book.

Around 21:05 – Note that I advance-criticize people for concern-trolling Hanya Yanagihara about her second book, while basically concern-trolling her myself. I realize this is how it came off. I apologize. I want more than anything for Hanya Yanagihara to become one of those authors that I read every word she’s ever written and love everything. Forever.

Starting at 37:52 – MAD SCIENTIST GAME.

Starting at 49:25 – For next time, we’re going to do some fun YA reading! We’re reading the first two books in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series: Cinder and Scarlet. Woohoo!

51:50 – Closing remarks and outro

Producer: Captain Hammer
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10 thoughts on “Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.21: B-side Books, The People in the Trees, and a Mad Scientist Game”

  1. Okay firstly I had no idea Dodi Smith wrote 101 Dalmations, secondly, I had no idea J.K. Rowling brought I Capture the Castle back into fashion – I read it when I saw it on blogs last year, weird.

    Okay, now I HAVE to read The People in Trees – I’ve just ordered it. Damn you Jenny’s, making me buy books with your enthusiastic discussion of books.

    1. I have taken your “damn you” to mean thank you, because I’m sure you will like People in the Trees because it rocks. So YOU ARE WELCOME.

  2. Thinking about B-side books – I wonder if Lionel Shriver’s The Post-Birthday World is considered a B-side. I think most people know her for We Need to Talk About Kevin which I haven’t read, but I loved The Post-Birthday World.

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