Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.25; Half-Year in Review, Sarah Lotz’s The Three, and a Wedding Game

Back from hiatus, the Jennys review the reading year thus far: What disappointed us, what thrilled us, and what are we looking forward to in the second half? We review Sarah Lotz’s book The Three, we play a game of Whiskey Jenny’s invention, and we answer a piece of listener mail about binge-reading. You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or download the file directly to take with you on the go.

Episode 25

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Here are the contents of the podcast if you want to skip around:

Starting at 1:36 – We discuss the year in reading so far. What did we each enjoy that we didn’t expect to? What did we each believe we would enjoy but then we did not? What character did we most enjoy reading about? What did we read this year that was outside our comfort zone? What author did we read for the first time this year and we’re now looking forward to delving further into their catalog?

Starting at 8:08 – We each pick three books that we’re excited to read in the second half of the year (not necessarily books that are coming out later in the year, but some of them are).

Starting at 13:19 – We review Sarah Lotz’s book The Three (Amazon, B&N, Book Depository). It — could have been better for us. Especially for Whiskey Jenny. I feel like I am on a losing streak recommending books to Whiskey Jenny.

Starting at 26:13 – Whiskey Jenny concocts a game about literary-linked weddings! In honor of Randon’s recent wedding.

Starting at 38:58 – We answer a piece of listener mail about binge-reading. I LOVE TO BINGE READ and Whiskey Jenny does not, so there you go. Oh my God I love binge-reading. It’s a sickness. I am an insatiable binge-reader.

40:55 – No longer true. I read The Scorpio Races since recording this podcast. It was fine. How did she write all these books that are just fine, and then she wrote The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves, which are the books I am the most excited about from this year apart from The People in the Trees?

Starting at 42:17 – Whiskey Jenny recommends Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore for our next podcast. Exciting!

43:41 – Closing remarks and outro.

Producer: Captain Hammer
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Song is by Jeff MacDougall and comes from here.

6 thoughts on “Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.25; Half-Year in Review, Sarah Lotz’s The Three, and a Wedding Game”

  1. Woohoo! So glad you’re back. I haven’t finished the episode yet (my commute time is teeny-tiny and I’m beginning to resent it), but just in the first 12 minutes I’ve already heard a) the third mention I needed to get all excited about the Raven Boys (who CAN resist something described as “a bunch of Logan Echolls in boarding school with magic”, I ask you) AND b) the third mention I also needed to read Helen Oyeyemi. So… I’ll probably stop listening, read those and *then* come back for the rest, because if you keep third-mentioning things in this fashion my TBR is going to explode…

    1. Oh yeah, you definitely should get excited about The Raven Boys. ALTHOUGH I will say: There’s not as much boarding school as I was hoping for. They’re pretty occupied with things other than school.

  2. I’m not a binge reader either. I binged a lot when I was growing up but have since changed my habits. When I find an author or series I love, I prefer to spread the books out so I can enjoy them over a long period of time. Also, this way I don’t run the risk of getting tired or overwhelmed by the characters or the author’s writing style.

    In comparison to TV, I do binge for maybe a season or two at most, but then, like books, have to start spreading everything out. And I usually end up regretting that I sped through something I loved so quickly. It’s always a good lesson for any impulses I have for book bingeing.

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