Mary Renault at Shiny New Books

As you’ve probably heard, the third issue of the wonderful Shiny New Books came out earlier this week. I was lucky enough to get to write a post about one of my favorite-ever authors, Mary Renault, for this issue. You can read the post over in their neck of the woods, and feel free to complain to me in the comments about my obvious preference for Hephaestion over Bagoas. I know that’s a point of contention FOR SOME.

While you’re over there, check out the whole issue! The editors and contributors have reminded me again how much I want to read Station Eleven; they’ve sold me on House of Ashes, the story of a fictional coup in a fictional Caribbean country; and they’ve at least come very close to making me reconsider my stance on missing white girls to read Upstairs at the Party. I absolutely loved Victoria’s review of Janet Malcolm’s most recent essay collection, and I’m dyyyyyying to get my hands on a copy of Peter Mendelsund’s book on graphic design, Cover. And whether you know Frances Hodgson Burnett only from her children’s books or you’ve read some of her crazier adult stuff, you’ll get a kick out of Harriet’s post about her life. Enjoy!

  • Oh heavens. Hephaestion is so dull. I know he is chock-a-block full of goodness and integrity and all, but Bagoas is at least 18x more interesting. I mean, come on: would you rather read about Hephaestion making puppy eyes at Alexander, or Bagoas offering to poison someone for Alexander’s sake? That said, your review was terrific!

    • Gin Jenny

      Yayyyy I am so pleased you liked it! (Hephaestion. Always.)

  • Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    Love SNB! And I love Renault’s historical fiction too. I definitely want to reread these soon. Did you know the Folio Society has also just released a new edition (along with The Last of the Wine)? I am tempted, but must wait for sale prices.

    • Gin Jenny

      Oh my God, they’re in a BOX. No, I hadn’t seen that. Now I cannot stop staring at them. Like I have $200 to spend on fancy copies books I already own. :/

  • We are SO lucky to have you reviewing for us! Yay! Please, please do some more deliciously lovely reviews for next time. 🙂