My most anticipated books of 2015 (so far)

I love publisher catalogs, y’all. I can’t describe how much I love them. It’s because I judge books by their covers, and publishers’ catalogs offer me the opportunity to do that on a grand scale. So here are a few of the books from 2015 for which I am excited, in no particular order.

Flood of Fire

Flood of Fire, the last in Amitav Ghosh’s wonderful Ibis trilogy, appears in August, and then I can at last set about getting matching copies of all three. Sea of Poppies was one of my favorite books of its year, and while River of Smoke was not what I expected the second book in the trilogy to be, it was still a really excellent read. I’ve revised my expectations that the trilogy will be classically trilogyish, and I think it will maximize my enjoyment of Flood of Fire.

Re Jane

I choose to be optimistic about Re Jane, by Patricia Park, a modern-day retelling of Jane Eyre that comes out in May. I’m choosing optimism because so far there are no good retellings of Jane Eyre, and that situation needs to end. Let’s see if Patricia Park can pull it off. The whole world’s counting on you, Patricia Park! No pressure!

A God in Ruins

If you liked Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life but felt it would have been improved by the addition of more Teddy, you are in glorious good luck. A God in Ruins, due out in May of next year, will be a companion story to Life after Life, starring Teddy Todd. Huzzah! As far as I can tell, nobody has said whether or not this book will take place in a world where Ursula shot Hitler (it’s not a spoiler, she does it on the first page).

Harrison Squared

As I may have mentioned one or two times, Daryl Gregory is my favorite author discovery of 2014. Harrison Squared tells the backstory of the protagonist of We Are All Completely Fine, which is to say, the story of a boy hero in a world of monsters. This one’s out in March from Tor.

Game of Queens

When I was a kid, I had this wonderful book about Esther (as in the Book of) called Behold Your Queen. I therefore offer no apologies for being childishly excited about Game of Queens, by India Edghill, a novel about Vashti and Esther that’s slated to be released in August. Do I expect it to be awesome? Like, no. Not really. I expect it to be overwrought and to use the word “sex” as a euphemism for genitals, as many overwrought stories do. But if it did happen to turn out to be good, I would be elated.

Lovelace and Babbage

By contrast, I have only the highest hopes for The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, a comic by Sydney Padua in which Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage fight crime together. Apparently this has been a webcomic for ages, a fact that demonstrates a parlous lack of internet awareness by me. Anyway, in April I’ll be able to read the whole thing for myself.

The Fifth Season

N. K. Jemisin, master worldbuilder and ferocious advocate for diversity in publishing, has a new book out in August from Orbit, called The Fifth Season. I need to do an NK Jemisin binge in early 2015. She has got several books out that I haven’t read yet, because I’ve been saving them slash I have to be really in the mood before I’ll read high fantasy. But her worldbuilding is just top-notch. Gotta get on that.

The Just City

The Just City and The Philosopher Kings, by Jo Walton, are both coming out in 2015 (one in January, one in June), which feels like an embarrassment of riches. The premise of the world in which these two books are set is almost too bonkers to explain here, but suffice it to say that they feature Greek gods living among humans in an experimentally utopian city. Sounds great. Sounds like exactly what I never knew I was missing in my life.

I’m not mentioning the fourth Raven Cycle book because in my heart of hearts, I think it’s going to get kicked back to 2016. Likewise I am not mentioning Zachary Mason’s follow-up to the matchless The Lost Books of the Odyssey, because in my heart of hearts, I think it’s going to be 2017 at the earliest. And the people on Goodreads who put 2015 as an expected publication date for Robin McKinley’s Ebon are living on a prayer.

  • Amitav Ghosh has been on my must-read list for the last couple of years, and I have The Glass Palace on my TBR shelves. 2015 will be the year! And I am very excited about a sequel to Life After Life – I read most of that book in one long reading session, late into the night.

    • Gin Jenny

      I haven’t loved anything from his backlist as much as I loved the Ibis trilogy. Sea of Poppies is just excellent. And yeah, the Life after Life sequel promises to be awesome.

  • Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    The Just City — yes! I love your description.

    • Gin Jenny

      So excited for it!

  • I hope the Jane Eyre book does turn out to be good, and I will read anything that NK Jemisin writes. Great picks 🙂

    • Gin Jenny

      Thanks! I picked a few that I don’t actually have the MOST high hopes for, but that I tremendously WANT to be good. :p

  • The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage sounds awesome – want 😀 And yeah, I didn’t mention the final Raven Cycle book for the same reason. I don’t have much hope we’ll actually get it next year.

    • Gin Jenny

      Yeah…Stiefvater’s said she’s making line edits now, so even if her publisher hustles the production schedule, I don’t see how it gets out in 2015.

  • The Just City is on NetGalley! I have it on my Kindle ready to go! Yay!

    • Gin Jenny

      Yay! Tell me how it is!

  • aliceburton

    Girl, we live in like, these totally different book worlds where you read stuff where I’ve never heard of the title OR author, but I salute you for this. So. Well done there.

    Also the Lovelace/Babbage thing looks delightful because of the drawings. I like drawings.

    • Gin Jenny

      Ahahahaha, thanks. It is true that our reading tastes do not have a ton of overlap. It saddens me, yet is true.

  • I did not know about the new Ibis Trilogy book. That is EXCELLENT news.

    I am, of course, the most excited about the new Kate Atkinson. New Kate Atkinsons are always a source of celebration.

    As far as The Raven Boys goes, I’m going to try very hard to stop hoping for the next in 2015 and just be delighted whenever it does come.

    • Gin Jenny

      Isn’t it? I was so excited to see it in the catalog! And for the Kate Atkinson book too — since I wasn’t even aware that such a book was in the works, I was maybe even MORE excited to see the Kate Atkinson book.

  • The Kate Atkinson all the way for me! I haven’t even looked ahead to 2015 yet so I am impressed by your planning.

    • Gin Jenny

      It’s cause I love publishers’ catalogs so much. I can’t resist them.

  • I have The Just City pre-ordered (and because I live in the middle of nowhere, I have paid to have it delivered on its publication day)!

    • Gin Jenny


  • I’m excited about that new NK Jemisin. I think I still have The Killing Moon to read first though, I don’t know why that’s taking me so long. Too many books, dammit.

    • Gin Jenny

      Ugh, me too, I am way behind on her books. I’ll do a binge read of them in January, or over Christmas, I swear.

  • Ooh, I had no idea Lovelace and Babbage was coming out in print! I used to read the webcomic years and years and years ago, but I drifted away from it because it didn’t update very often. My library already has it on order, so I just put in a request.

    I’m now so anxious about the fourth Raven Cycle book being bumped back to 2016. I hope that doesn’t happen. I hope it comes out a month from now and Maggie Stiefvater is like, “Ha! Bet you didn’t expect it this quickly!”

    • Gin Jenny

      Was it fun? Years and years and years ago, was it fun?

      Bro, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. I want it to, but it’s already December NOW, and she hasn’t turned in the manuscript still. Like, she’ll still need to do edits and whatnot.

  • aartichapati

    My friend pushed me before to read the Ibis trilogy and I haven’t yet – glad to know it will be finishing up and I can read it all at once! While I think Ghosh says all sorts of stupid things about female authors, maybe I can get past that and read this trilogy.

    And the Lovelace and Babbage book sounds glorious! And I have just joined a book club and the first book I shall be reading with them is Life after Life 🙂

    • Gin Jenny

      What did Ghosh say? Oh dear! I didn’t know about this!

  • I am doomed! So very doomed! Everyone keeps putting up their lists of books for 2015 and I have lost count of how many new books I have added to my TBR list! That Lovelace and Babbage comic looks like it will be a hoot and half.

  • Oh I’m so excited!! i did not know the third book in the Ibus trilogy is coming out! I bought Sea of Poppies and loved it. Then bought River of Smoke, but by the time it came out, I figured I’d better re-read the first one. Then thought, why not wait for the last one and then start from the beginning. Thanks for the head up, Jenny!

  • I have to read the Ibis trilogy this year. Must, must, must. And some N.K. Jemisin. And the new Kate Atkinson. I am about to explode with wanting.

  • BEHOLD YOUR QUEEN! is without a doubt the best Esther novel ever written — possible the best one that ever will be written. I own two copies of the old hardcover, and they even have the wraparound paper cover still intact. The book is now at long last available again, in trade pb, and everyone who hasn’t read it should go and buy at least two copies RIGHT NOW, one to keep and one to lend. (Also a copy of YOUNG BESS. But I digress…)

    Thank you for mentioning GAME OF QUEENS; I’m pretty sure I can assure you that I never use the word “sex” as a euphemism for “genitals”. I can definitely assure you the book is VERY overwrought (as was the author during the writing thereof). It is, in fact, the sort of book in which one heroine has a Horse That Only She Can Ride and the other heroine has a couple of pet wolves.

    And OMG, two new Jo Walton books! I’m off to Amazon RIGHT NOW!

    • Gin Jenny

      Ahahaha, you have made your book sound awesome and I am going to read it twice, now that I have a guarantee against the “sex” for “genitals” thing. I have become more inured to that particular euphemism over the years, but it still makes me shudder. I am DELIGHTED that you’re a fan of Behold Your Queen. Did you read the Ruth one that same author wrote? It was not AS good, but still pretty good. And oh, oh, have you read Your Kind Indulgence? Also quite solid.

      • Yes, I’ve read Gladys Malvern’s Ruth book. Gladys Malvern and Marguerite Vance were two of my favorite authors when I was a kid.

  • I’ve been adding a ton of books to my TBR list that are published in 2015. It really has me excited for this new year 🙂 A bunch of these sound really good so on to the TBR list they will go as well!!