Reading the End Bookcast, Ep.36: Books that Scare Us & a Kiran Desai Book that Didn’t Wow Us

This was supposed to be the episode we recorded together in India, but tragically, my microphone broke down in transit. Now I am saving up for a new one, and borrowing microphones off of other people in the meantime. (Woe.) Anyway, we’re here to talk about intimidating books (we have a taxonomy) and Kiran Desai’s book Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard. You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or download the file directly to take with you on the go.

Episode 36

Here are the contents of the podcast if you want to skip around:

1:09 – We are excited for Harper Lee’s new book!

5:03 – Books that intimidate us! You would not believe how complex our taxonomy is.

35:32 – A few small emendations to previous podcasts.

39:24 – We briefly review Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard, by Kiran Desai. We didn’t love it. We don’t have a ton to say about it.

47:12 – Our book for next time is Kanae Minato’s Confessions! Join us, comrades!

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Producer: Captain Hammer
Photo credit: The Illustrious Annalee
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