As usual, I need more internet: A links round-up

I have an exceptionally great collection of links this week, y’all. The internet is the best, isn’t it?

Terry Crews on misogyny and toxic masculinity. Apparently this dude also works to prevent human trafficking. Yay for allies.

Some thoughts on Islamophobia in dystopian fiction.

Not sure of your language when you’re talking about race / sexuality / disability / whatever? The Conscious Style Guide is here to help, rounding up links that explain why you shouldn’t say that, what to say instead, and generally how not to be a dick accidentally.

A reminder that these exceptionally gorgeous coloring books for grown-ups exist. My sister has one, and I plan on stealing it from her at some point and coloring a page myself. I promise I will make my page pretty.

On lightening up women of color in comics (gross).

Emily Nussbaum being awesome about Kimmy Schmidt and the stories TV tells about rape survivors and PTSD. Also, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was originally called Tooken, and that is awesome, even though I get why they changed it.

An interview with the lady who writes Guy in Your MFA and Dystopian YA.

Emily Asher-Perrin on criticism and anger in fandom.

The Firefly theme song is not the best theme song there has ever been. Except when Jesse Martin and two other people from The Flash do a beautifully harmonized cover of it to thank Joss Whedon for contributing to their Kickstarter for a short musical film about a family hiding from slavery in the 1850s, which incidentally also sounds super great.

Some awesome bloggers created the Socratic Salon this month, which will be an all-spoilers space to discuss books in-depth. The five ladies who created it will have conversations among themselves, and other readers are encouraged to engage with them and each other in the comments. Yay!

  • Yes re lightening up women of color everywhere, not just in comics! For example, the toy ads and their “black” dolls. Ugh.

    • Gin Jenny

      Ugh, yes, that too. It’s everywhere, and it sucks.

  • Thanks for these great lonks. I always love your link posts.

  • Oh no! Links not lonks.

    • Gin Jenny

      Ahahah, but I like “lonks” better!

  • Love the links! Thanks!

    • Gin Jenny

      Glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  • Great links! Thanks for sharing!

    • Gin Jenny

      Thanks! The internet had some good stuff to offer this month!

  • Wow, love the new look here – I am only just noticing it!

    Great list of links here – that comic about lightening up women of color was my favorite. Pretty infuriating to see editorial notes like that.

    • Gin Jenny

      Thanks! I changed it very recently because Google told me I needed to, but I’m glad the new look is a good one!

  • Bookgazing

    Enchanted Forest is one of our company’s books of the month & we’ve sold through our supply of it. I think the company has run out of it in a lot of shops because it’s been so popular (think it’s getting reprinted though).

    Also Socratic Salon sounds just like my kinda place – all the spoilers (except for The Hunger Games) all of them!

    • Gin Jenny

      I am enjoying it so far! I think it may take a little while (and some energetic comment participation by the founders) to move people in the direction of commenting in a conversational manner, rather than each person responding individually to the content of the post. But it’ll be neat to see where it goes!

  • Colouring books for adults? I must have one! (I’m sort of ashamed this is what I was immediately drawn to in your post and not the more serious articles that could help me grow as a person.)

    • Gin Jenny

      GIRL THEY ARE SO GREAT. I have not in fact colored in one yet, because I selflessly gave it to my little sister, but I realllllly want to try it. Next time I’m over there I’m going to request coloring privileges. Any page will be fine. Even the least beautiful pages are SO PRETTY.

  • I had no idea Terry Crews was so awesome and feminist-y!! SWOON. I must read his book.

    • Gin Jenny

      I know, I didn’t either! Yay for you, Terry Crews!

  • Great interview with Terry Crews. I don’t watch Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, but I know who he is, and he seems like he’s done his research and reading on the topic of feminism, gender roles, etc.