Who-all’s being brilliant on the internet: A links round-up

On “trash food,” class, and the South.

The short history of spoiler warnings.

You should just assume that I’m going to link to everything Elizabeth Minkel ever writes. Here she is talking about the gendered reaction to responses to Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction vs. responses to Jeremy Clarkson’s departure from Top Gear.

Foz Meadows, being typically fascinating about the way gifs are changing critical discourse. She does seem to think that academic journals are profit-making beasts. Are they? I do not know. I have only worked on the books and online side of academic publishing, where we are all broke and well-intentioned.

Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak, and Courtney Summers, author of All the Rage, are in conversation at Book Riot about stories of sexual assault. It’s really good.

Pop culture genius Adam Sternbergh invents the term “purge-watching” for when you’re watching a show unlovingly just so you can have it off your docket. This is a term we needed. Well-played, sir.

There is an open-access journal called Neo-Victorian Studies, and that’s pretty much all I did on Tuesday.

Ta-Nehisi Coates fears that the movies have ruined X-Men (I know, dude), but he’s got a lot of other thoughts on the rise of superheroes.

What it’s like to be a first-generation scholarship student at an Ivy League.

Oh, you may have missed it, but there’s a new Star Wars teaser. It ends by trying to make every Star Wars fan in the whole world cry. But my heart is made of stone.

  • Ooo, wonderful collection of links! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Lovely reading, Jenny. I always love the links you put up 🙂

  • I’m sure it varies by sector, but my experience with academic journals is that they aren’t profit makers. Breaking even is doing well. But the journals and magazines I’ve worked on are in education. It might be different in, say, the sciences.

    That “trash food” piece was great–and it gave me a craving for Vienna sausages, which I haven’t eaten in years but ate all the time growing up. But more seriously, it’s a great discussion about class. Thanks for sharing it!

  • It’s not a total exaggeration to say I LIVE for your links round-ups! Absolutely loved the one on trash food, which was marvelously thoughtful and nuanced. In fact, I’m posting it to FB. And I am also stony-faced about the Star Wars teaser. Is something wrong with us?

  • True story: Z has just discovered the term “spoiler alert” and has started purposefully telling me huge spoilers and then screaming “spoiler alert” and then laughing maniacally as he tells me that the alert was too late. Ahh, kids. 😉

  • Great links as always! Thanks for collecting them and sharing!

  • I like purge watching! Thats definitely a term we need. I also sometimes call it guilt-watching because not watching that show I don’t like but have been watching for a while makes me very guilty!

  • I liked that Trash Food link. It reminds me of my mom telling me she always had lobster sandwiches for lunch as a kid while the “rich” kids had peanut butter. Her dad was a lobster fisherman. Now people living far from here pay big bucks to have lobster brought to them in restaurants. Funny how that works.

  • When I read about “trash food” I immediately thought about how funny it was a couple of years ago when pimiento cheese started appearing on every menu in Charleston, SC.

  • Like others who commented above, I loved the “Trash Food” piece. Went and added one of the author’s books to my to-read list. How do you find the pieces you eventually include in your links round-up?

    The 1D / Top Gear article was also a good read.