Why can’t you shut up about Hamilton?: A links round-up

The marvelous Kiese Laymon on Confederate flags and SEC football.

On competing for the one single diversity spot in the writers’ room: Aisha Harris writes about the unbearable whiteness of TV writers’ rooms.

Nobody could be more excited about the new Star Wars trailer than stars John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

Recovering the history of years in slavery, and the story of a forgotten forced deportation: An article that opens with an oddly upsetting anecdote.

New details emerge about that Harry Potter play! (It’s not a prequel, it’s a sequel! Joke’s on you, prequel-wanters! You’ll never ever learn more about the Marauders.)

“Jenny, shut up about Hamilton already, Gahd!” NEVER.

Kelly Sue DeConnick spoke with Alyssa Rosenberg about her comic Bitch Planet, and predictably, she has lots of interesting things to say. In particular, she notes that comics do a thing where “they will set up something to be deliberately salacious, and then pretend to have some ethical structure around it.” YEP. The interview is in two parts, here and here.

Are you excited for Jessica Jones? Or do you wish her backstory didn’t have to be so rapey? Or both?

South By canceled a panel about harassment in gaming because they’re afraid of getting harassed. Caroline Linders, one of the organizers of the panel, has a good rundown of what happened. BuzzFeed has withdrawn participation from the festival in protest. SXSW appears to be in damage control mode, but as of today, no final decisions appear to have been made.

7 thoughts on “Why can’t you shut up about Hamilton?: A links round-up”

  1. there’s no logical reason to shut up about Hamilton, unless you’re listening to It’s Quiet Uptown in silent respect as tears slip soundlessly down your cheeks.

  2. Thanks so much for linking to that Smithsonian article about forced deportations. The whole read was engrossing and upsetting, and incredibly well-written. That opening anecdote is definitely heartbreaking.
    When the author quotes Delores McQuinn as saying “our history is often buried”, it reminded me of a road trip my friend and I took recently. There is a Harriet Tubman Driving Tour on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, that collects significant sites together under the umbrella story of Harriet Tubman’s life and the black and white communities that lived there. We had the audio companion to the tour downloaded to my friend’s phone and had the eerie experience of being parked at a pier in Cambridge, MD and hearing that slave trade ships once docked there. It made the landscape alive with the experience of enslaved people.

  3. I did have to turn off the Hamilton soundtrack once. I was taking Walker to the airport where he was getting on a plane for Heathrow and then taking a train to Exeter to visit his girlfriend over October break. We were in the second act, and they started singing “Stay Alive” when I told him I couldn’t listen to that part right before dropping him off.

    Have you seen Parks and Ham? Truly my level of humor. http://notanecromancer.tumblr.com/post/132355475179/iamazeandastonish-favorites-from-parksandham

  4. I am so excited about the new Star Wars movie. I got chills just when that guy was stealth rappelling down this awesome abandoned looking space station of whatever. Eeep!

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