Let us help you buy holiday gifts!

Holiday gift-buying season is upon us! And it just so happens that I’m amazing at buying gifts. So if you’re looking to buy a book for someone on your holiday shopping list, let me and Whiskey Jenny help you out with it!

Here’s how it works: Swing by our holiday gift guide page and fill out the form there. All we need is your name and email and a little information about who you’re buying for,1 just so we don’t tell you to buy dolphin erotica for your boss. That would be inappropriate.

Holiday gift guide
Not the last time I will use this gif.

We’ll be recording a holiday gift guide podcast a little later this month, at which time both Whiskey Jenny and I will offer you some recommendations for the folks on your shopping list. We love telling people what to read, so you can count on us to choose only the best books for all your loved ones.2

  1. I know it’s really “whom.” Colloquial English, bitches!
  2. Or the worst books for your enemies! We are willing to do that also!
  • Jeanne

    If you can solve our hardest gift-buying quandary, I will listen to a podcast to get the answer!

    • Ooo INCENTIVES. But also, I am happy to email you with our answer, cause I know you’re not a big podcast lady.

      • Jeanne

        Aural learning. So not my thing…one thing about me that’s definitely from Missouri: Show Me.

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    I’ve got all my gifts covered but I am tempted to make up a person to buy a gift for just so I can see what you recommend 😉

  • It’s not just the who, it’s the ending the sentence with a preposition. just sayin

    • Oh, yeah, I’ve totally given up caring about that. It’s a holdover from Latin that doesn’t make any sense in English. And I say that as a girl who loves Latin like to infinity. LATIN!

  • This is amazing, you and Whiskey Jenny are two people I would definitely trust implicitly with a good book recommendation.

  • MumsyNK

    If you need endorsements, l can give one!

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