#BBAW: Book Recommendations

Today is the hardest topic of all the topics for Book Blogger Appreciation Week (hosted, again, by me and Ana and Andi and Heather, over at the Estella Society); or I should say rather, the very easiest. To wit:

Day 3 What have you read and loved because of a fellow blogger?

What haven’t I read and loved because of a fellow blogger? Before blogging, my reading life was on its way to becoming a tragic wasteland. I had exhausted the recommendations of my friends and relations and was reduced to — this is not a joke — examining college syllabi for various English classes, under the assumption that they would contain recommendations for New Classics.

Since then, all my newly acquired favorite authors have been by way of fellow book bloggers, and I am basically dead from gratitude. Perhaps I would one day have discovered Helen Oyeyemi, because she wins the prizes and is a literary darling (in a minor way); but who can say if ever I would have discovered some of the, for instance, YA authors that I now cherish? Maggie Stiefvater, Kekla Magoon, Patrick Ness? Would I only have discovered them when movie adaptations of their books were made?

Not to mention (but oh, I shall mention it) the curating of comic books done for me by my fellow book bloggers! Where would I have learned which Marvel comics to read? Would Paper Girls be on my TBR list now? (Doubtful.) Would I know about the Tamakis? Princeless? WOULD I?

Stop by the Estella Society to see what else people have been reading because of other book bloggers! And as usual, I love you all. Kisses!


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  1. haha! I believe my reading life was a tragic wasteland as well. I only read one genre and wouldn’t even think about the classics! Crazy how much blogging has changed our lives! Love it =)

  2. Oh yes, Patrick Ness is one I never would have discovered without blog friends. And I may have known of the existence of Maggie Stiefvater, but if it weren’t for YOUR wild enthusiasm, I never would have taken the plunge!

  3. Haha, I used to look at English Lit syllabi as well, before my TBR list exploded thanks to my fellow book bloggers. And I definitely rediscovered nonfiction because of some very enthusiastic bloggers.

    1. Aw, really? That’s so nice. I want to write about nonfiction more often in this space going forward, so that’s one thing I’m going to try to do this year. It seems like other bloggers are into the notion.

  4. Today WAS the hardest topic! But I much prefer hard over easy – makes blogging so much more fun. 🙂

    And yeah, so many books I definitely would not have read if my favorite bloggers weren’t blogging about them.

  5. Excellent point–it’s hard to say what I *would* have been reading if not for the book blogging community! Oyeyemi? Maybe, but maybe not. (By the way, her new stories are excelllllent, have you read them yet?)

  6. So much of what I read is from bloggers that I stopped keeping track long ago because it didn’t make sense anymore. Also, i would not be reading graphic novels and especially not comics if it weren’t for bloggers. You and Ana (Things Mean A Lot) are my trusted sources for comics. So thanks for that! 🙂

  7. Hah! I love this post. I haven’t read most of the authors you list, but that’s the point, right? I do like Patrick Ness — and I had to thank book bloggers for getting me back into comics/graphic novels, too.

  8. I can’t begin to describe how much more bountiful my reading options are since I started blogging. Y’all have assembled a veritable cornucopia of books for me, the limiting factor being time to read all of them.

    DID you find anything decent on those syllabi?!

    1. NOT REALLY. I read an Octavia Butler book because of a syllabus, and it was all right (I’m going to try again with her sometime soon), but that was pretty much it. Bloggers give me so much wider options!

  9. I have to admit I wasn’t lacking in reading choices before blogging, but I still feel like blogging has broadened my interests incredibly. Without it, I’d probably be just reading classics, awards contenders, and big best-sellers, all of which can be good things to read, but I’d miss out on so much.

    1. I think that’s where I’d probably have ended up, reading the awards contenders and best-sellers, but as you say, there’s a lot those categories would miss out. In particular I read so much more diversely because of the blogosphere — both because of people’s recommendations, and also just the way in the last few years that’s been something other book bloggers have emphasized as a value, and it’s made me want to seek out different voices in my reading too.

  10. It really is eye-opening when you discover just how many books there are out there that you might like reading. I will never read them all. Book bloggers are my go to people for recommendations and advice on books. I am so grateful to them for all their help over the years.

  11. Been there sooo many times. I also hit a wall again and again when it comes to recommendations, but having the book blogging community to promote interesting authors and books (and build friendships) is just so helpful. I also feel like book blogging has helped to introduce me to a lot of books that I never would have picked up myself.

  12. What haven’t I read and loved because of a fellow blogger? -> THIS!

    I used to get all my book recs from Sounis. But nowadays, they’re all from bloggers. I’ve recently started reading graphic novels! Paper Girls is on my wishlist, I’m just waiting for Volume 1 to be released.

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