Side-eyes for Tina Fey: A links round-up

Who debunks the debunkers?

Get pumped: NPR’s Code Switch, your source for excellent conversations about race and American culture, will soon be a podcast! The first episode drops May 31st.

Sharing your favorite stories with your kids: An impossibly adorable story starring Luke Skylocker.

A seriously great black feminist roundtable in response to bell hooks’s response to Beyonce’s new music video; and a reminder why it’s awesome to live now and have all these amazing, smart, thoughtful voices available for us to listen to.

Sob! The Toast is closing! Where will I get my art history jokes now?

Tina Fey is kind of being a jerk about racism, but it’s not like you’re surprised. Zeba Blay on being a fan of feminist TV while black.

How writers will steal your life for their books.

  • Oh Tina, why must you be so prolematic, it makes me love you a little less.

  • I like Kimmy Schmidt, but I don’t like it when the show focuses for too long on any of the other characters–including Tina Fey as Andrea, in the second season. It’s very uneven writing.

  • Ana @ things mean a lot

    That roundtable was a really interesting read, and I agree so much that it’s important to show it’s okay for black feminist thinkers to disagree. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • Oh man, another podcast to add to the rotation?! I’m pumped for Code Switch!

  • I’m excited for the podcast; although I must admit I listen to so many – or have so many on the list anyway – that adding a new one is rather ambitious. 🙂

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    I am sad about The Toast too. Thanks for the link the roundtable. That was a really great discussion!

  • Great links! That Luke Skylocker story is so darn cute!