The Girl from Everywhere, Heidi Heilig

TIME TRAVELING PIRATES. This book The Girl from Everywhere is all about time traveling pirates.

The Girl from Everywhere

The Girl from Everywhere is about TIME TRAVELING PIRATES. Just so you know. At sixteen, Nix has sailed everywhere from the lands of the Arabian Nights to present-day New York to eighteenth-century Calcutta — if her crew can find a map of a place, she and her father can sail them there. But all her father truly wants is to find a map of Hawaii in the year that Nix was born, so that he can prevent her mother from dying in childbirth.

The Girl from Everywhere
possible outcome of this plan

As long ago as Nix can remember, her father has been searching for a map of Hawaii that will let him save her mother. She herself has mixed feelings about it, since it will maybe result in her never having been born — a possibility that her father seems never to have considered. Nor does Nix want to bring it up to him. They don’t have that kind of relationship.

The Girl from Everywhere is Heidi Heilig’s first novel, and I’m excited for whatever she’s going to do next. She evokes the last days of independent Hawai’i in a way that’s utterly lovely and, as I said to GREAT MOCKERY on the podcast, made me want to go to Hawai’i for the first time. Nix’s difficult relationship with her father is the emotional heart of this book, and I love that Slate, whom Heilig has said is bipolar, is neither vilified for his illness nor excused for the ways in which he fails as a parent.

For those of you who always ask when I review YA: Yes, there’s a romance, a small one, very respectful and sweet. Some opium, and lots of maps.

Thanks to Amanda of Gun in Act One for the recommendation!

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  1. I AM IN. Also, l have never understood how Hawaiians don’t utterly !oathe and despise mainlanders. The U.S. treated them monstrously.

  2. Every day I want to go to Hawaii. I can’t imagine wanting to go there for the first time anymore. Plus, time traveling pirates? Sold.

    1. Oh! Have you never been? You should go! They have dolphins! You’re officially not allowed to touch them, but sometimes they swim up to you and that’s not your fault. (I have heard.)

      1. I’ve been three times–the summer I turned eleven, we spent 8 weeks living on Oahu and visiting all the islands (my parents took a course). We went back to Oahu and the Big Island for their 50th anniversary, which was also our 25th. And then we went back once more with my mother and my brother’s family to Maui a few years ago. Still, every day I want to go back. Walker is my fellow spirit in that.

    1. OH NO OH NO I’ve sold it wrong! There aren’t maps to look at in the book — that would be amazing. There are just maps that are important plot points, and those are amazing as well.

  3. This sounds so great! I kinda need to stay away from your blog and podcast because lately all I seem to want to do is request books from the library that you recommend. You and Rhapsody Jill have been terrible/fantastic influences this year. And I’m supposed to be reading my own damn books!!!

    1. I KNOW, I loved it that they could go to fictional places. I loved it that Kash was FROM a fictional place, and he knows it, like, he had this whole life and all these memories, and they’re just — basically not real. That was super great, in my opinion.

  4. Ooh.. first of all – love your new look here!!

    Secondly, love the sound of this book. I so want to know what happens in the end but I guess I should read and find out right?

    1. Yeah, the relationship stuff is great. And the stuff between Nix and her best friend slash kissing friend Kash is really nice too — they’re obviously friends first, and they, like, apologize if they hurt each other’s feelings. Imagine!

  5. First thought: Can’t they just make sure they have the doctors/equipment/medicine the mother needs not to die?

  6. Love the sound of this one! The plot sounds a lot deeper than you would expect a book about time-traveling pirates to be. (Great GIF!) Stone tomb soldiers and a tiny dragon clinched the deal for me!

  7. Yep, this mostly sounds like I would like it. Hawaiian history, time travel. However, the bipolar dad thing might be a trigger for me. I’ve been having some angst about living through that shit lately. 😛

  8. I’m pleased that you reminded me of this book’s existence – I read about it in February on Goodreads, but my library didn’t have it yet, but this post prompted me to check again and I see my library *does* have it now. I should read it!

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