Library Checkout: May 2016

Every month, Shannon of River City Reading hosts a public shaming group enjoyment of books we have out from the library in reasonable amounts. As usual, I have been doing a preposterous amount of library reading, because I go to the library every two weeks without fail, and it is my most favorite ritual in all the world. Here’s how it all went down in the month of May!

Library Checkout

Library Books Read

Guapa, Saleem Haddad
The Hero’s Walk, Anita Rau Badami
The Drowning Eyes, Emily Browning
The Lost White Tribe: Explorers, Scientists, and the Theory that Changed a Continent, Michael F. Robinson
Bellweather Rhapsody, Kate Racculia
The Girl from Everywhere, Heidi Heilig
Everything Good Will Come, Sefi Atta
The Ever After of Ashwin Rao, Padma Viswanathan
Repercussions, Anthony Schneider

Returned Unread

Queen of Spies: Daphne Park, Britain’s Cold War Spy Master, Paddy Hayes
and some other stuff, I honestly check out a preposterous number of books each time, how can I remember

Presently Checked Out

Nobody asked this question, but I’m telling you the answer anyway, because I deserve to be shamed.

don't have a problem

This is not all of the books I have checked out from the library right now. I have more than this that didn’t get into this picture. I KNOW I AM SO WEAK.

How was your month in library?

  • I love to see that stack! There is no prettier sight.
    What did you think of The Hero’s Walk? (I loved it, but I know not everyone has.)

    • I liked it! You must have been the person who recommended it, then, if you loved it? (I need to be better about tracking this.) I was a little sorry that we didn’t get to see more of the son’s plotline, and I’d have liked it if the granddaughter had come to live with them slightly sooner, but otherwise I enjoyed it a lot.

  • I absolutely love that stack! Libraries are the absolute best, aren’t they? There’s nothing better than a trip to the library and coming home with a pile of new books. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, I know, I love it. My favorite thing is to take all my books and pile them around me on a picnic blanket outside and sit in the sun and sample all my new library books.

  • Oooh that bookstack tho!! I have Regional Office in my audiobook queue. Also how did you like Guapa? But congrats on so thouroughly supporting you library! 😀 I used to go once a week when I still had a good one nearby. So counting my uni library and Scribd, I have Book of Unknown Americans out, Plucked, book on Fantasy lit and race and Medical Apartheid. Hah that’s actually not too bad!

    • Guapa! I liked it! It was nice because there are so many kind of recurring tropes in stories set in the Middle East, and Guapa felt like something I’d never read before. It wasn’t, like, life-changing or anything, but it was vivid and interesting. I’d reup on that author.

      That’s not bad at ALL, Bina. You are an inspiration. :p

  • Sarah Says Read

    I easily return more than half of my library books unread, it’s terrible.

    A Gathering of Shadows, however, I bought back in February and is still sitting around unread. I was so excited to read it! And I still want to, but…. just haven’t bothered yet. Probably because I get distracted by library books. So yeah, if you get to that, then I’ll be excited to see what you think.

    • This is the problem with buying books! It’s the reason why I rarely do it! When a book first comes out, I’m so so so SO excited to read it, but then there are other new shiny things vying for my attention. Plus if I own a book (versus having it out from the library), I feel less of an urgent push to read it because there’s no deadline.

  • I’ve returned sooooooo many library books unread this year. Soooooo many.

    Right now I’ve got sixteen things out on my own behalf, I think? Plus two I borrowed for my mother (who won’t get her own damned library card). Plus one ebook. Plus two audiobooks from Hoopla, which I use through the library.

    One of these things is definitely going back unread. I should probably return two others, too, but I keep renewing them because nobody else has requested them and I’m stubborn.

    • Oh, yeah, no, I’m done lending other people my library card. Those days are over. My sister is the greatest human being but when I used to let her check things out on my library card, she’d just forget about them and stress me out horribly as I tried to chase her down to find and return those books. Now I am very hard-hearted about it all.

      How many times does your library let you renew?

  • I had The Improbability of Love checked out, too, but returned it unread (until the next time). Libraries are there for us to borrow books, so that stack in the picture? It’s beautiful!

    • Hahaha, I honestly was going to not check it out on this library trip? I was going to save it for next time. But then, completely inexplicably, it was misshelved in exactly the place where I was looking for another book, and I was like, welp, it’s a sign, and checked it out after all. :p

  • I am constantly returning books unread however it is (of course) totally not my fault, since all my holds always come in all at the same time!

    • That is a real problem! I don’t place too many books on hold, because I go to the main branch of my library and they mostly have the books I want there. It’s just that they have these very tantalizing New Books shelves in all different genres, and I can’t resist!

  • I don’t usually return books unread, but I did last month – I had checked out The Vegetarian before it won the Man Booker International Prize, at which point there were no holds on the multiple copies my library system has… and then it won the prize, and there was no hope of renewing it.

    • Aw boooo, that’s the worst. I usually don’t have to return books for that reason (although LaRose is due back on Saturday and cannot be renewed due to holds); it’s usually just that I ran out of available renewals before I had a chance, or it’s that I started the book and wasn’t madly into it and decided to save it for another time.

  • Kailana

    Read A Gathering of Shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I KNOW I KNOW! I know. That was going to be my next book, but then someone put a hold on LaRose, so I have to read it before Saturday or I won’t get to read it at all. Gathering of Shadows can be next after that.

  • LOL I also have the Regional Office Is Under Attack from the library 🙂

  • Laila@BigReadingLife

    Yay, libraries! (Paying my rent/mortgage since 2000!) You know, even if you return a ton of books unread, you’re still helping to SAVE THOSE BOOKS from weeding, at least for a couple of years. Also, more circulation might mean more funding for the library! So you’re doing a very good thing!

    • True! I will try and remind myself of that every time I stagger away from the library with twenty books in my arms. :p

  • Don’t worry about checking out lots of books. The more that get checked out, the better the circulation numbers are! (Former library staffer).

    • GREAT. GREAT. This is very good to hear. And they’ll like that, right? Good circulation numbers, that’ll make them happy, right?

  • I am in love with the stack you have checked out. I used to check out big stacks like that but haven’t in a long time. A Gathering of Shadows – I want to read this one! Not sure how soon I can read it but I’m going to try.

    • Hahaha, well, I understand tiny babies can be somewhat time-consuming, so I’m not surprised you’re checking out fewer library books these days. :p

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    Thank you for sharing that pile of books you have checked out from the library. I will never feel bad again about my usual 8-10 books! I love my library soooo much!

    • Hahhahaha, eight to ten books, you should see how much I’m giggling. I stubbornly refuse to bring a bag to carry my books, because I think that would just encourage me to get MORE BOOKS, so I always leave the library like I’m Gus-Gus in Cinderella trying to carry all the cheese pieces.

  • Christy

    Yeah I go a little crazy with my library check-outs – between their ebook and physical book offerings. I renew and renew and renew until the final reckoning, whereupon I cram session the book before the due date or return it unread.

    • Oh my gosh, yeah, the ebook offerings are my whole life every time I go on a trip. I just TEAR through them.

  • TheShrinkette

    Um Jenny…are you a vampire because the only way you got through SO MANY BOOKS is without having to sleep. Nicely done my friend!

  • Michael F Robinson

    I was happy to see my book on your list! I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Charlie (The Worm Hole)

    I don’t know, considering the number of books you read, that stack isn’t so bad 🙂 The Heilig rings a bell, was that one quite popular?