Sad and Angry Week: A Links Round-Up

I don’t know what to say about the hate crime against queer people of color in Orlando this past weekend. I won’t say the killer’s name because we know that intense coverage of these guys inspires copycats do to the same. Instead I want to link to NPR’s article about the people who were murdered. Here also is a round-up from NPR’s Code Switch of responses from queer Latinx folks.

The element of the fantastical in The Boxcar Children is their coherence to a Protestant work ethic.

I am THE MOST susceptible to this kind of sadness. Just read enough of this article to accept the word “cluey” into our vocabulary (i.e., the story about the board game Clue), AND THEN STOP, because it is genuinely unbearable to read the rest of these stories, and that’s not hyperbole, I really mean it, for God’s sake don’t be like me and read the whole cluey-ass thing.

“Two powerful men being friends is an inevitability. Two powerful women being friends is a conspiracy”: On how the concept of cliques is used to express suspicion of close female friendship.

Plagiarism in the age of self-publishing.

Thoughts on diversity and publishing from Nikesh Shukla, including some glorious side-eye for stories about middle-aged white male writers having affairs with their lovely young female students.

“The shift in language that trades the word ‘integration’ for ‘diversity’ is critical. Here in [New York City], as in many, diversity functions as a boutique offering for the children of the privileged but does little to ensure quality education for poor black and Latino children.” Nikole Hannah-Jones on the decision to send her daughter to public school in New York City.

Interrogation techniques that aren’t torture.

Down with periods! Up with line breaks!

  • Jeanne

    At the end of the clueyness stories, one is always left like the little boy at the end of Araby: “Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity: and my eyes burned with anguish and anger.”

  • Yes re cluey! I feel the cluey pain.

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    Cluey! Excellent new word. Also, I don’t use periods when I text but I don’t use line breaks either I just jam it all together in lowercase letters and hope for the best. Is that a bad old person thing to do?

  • Oh that Cluey pain. I suffer terribly from it because I like to always cross examine my actions and then feel upset that I hurt someone somehow. And sometimes, there are those stories like the grandfather who cooked all this food and nobody showed up. Depressing!

  • Orlando is my home. This happened 20 minutes from my house. I can’t even go on Facebook right now because almost half of the people I follow live here and are posting stuff CONSTANTLY about the shooting and it’s just … I can’t. It’s too hard. I’d already read a bunch of stuff about some of the victims but I hadn’t seen the NPR article yet about all of them, and I just read it, and thank you. Christopher Sanfeliz worked at the company I work for, and one of my employees knew him well. Another of my employees knew two other people who were killed pretty well. I’m going to a vigil tonight held by my company and it’s going to be sad and tragic but it’s incredible how the city of Orlando has come together to spread love instead of hate. That’s what I have to take from this. Otherwise it’s just too hard.

  • That clique article is great.

  • Care

    This is unusual – I’ve actually read three of these mentions before having you share about them. I do appreciate your choices when you create these link posts.

  • Christy

    The article about cliques made some excellent points. Also the cluey article was great.