Reading the End Bookcast, Ep. 64: Books We Want More Of and The Regional Office Is Under Attack

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who’s asked about flooding in Louisiana and checked in to see if I’m okay. My bit of the state’s totally fine, so it’s just lots of worry and hug-sending to the people in places where water was several feet deep.

Anyway! So now it is podcast day! I included a cut at the end of the podcast so y’all can witness THIS phenomenon, which is very real:

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What We’re Reading

Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter
The Veins of the Ocean, Patricia Engel
Even in Paradise, Elizabeth Nunez

Hex, Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Books We Desire Sequels To

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern
The Hilary Tamar mysteries, Sarah Caudwell
Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, Lish McBride
Casson Family series, Hilary McKay
Binny for Short, Hilary McKay
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Ben Fountain
Redeployment, Phil Klay
Peas and Carrots, Tanita Davis
Genius, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, and Afua Richardson
Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon
Emma, Alexander McCall Smith


Sad news: Vin Diesel is the candyass, but everything’s fine now hopefully.

The Regional Office Is Under Attack, Manuel Gonzales

For next time: Black Hole, Charles Burns

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  • But there IS a sequel to Binny for Short! It’s called Binny in Secret and it came out in 2015!

    When I found out about The Sibyl in Her Grave (I had read all the other Hilary Tamar mysteries quite a bit earlier) I just about lost it. I am so glad those books exist.

    • Oh yes, I knew that! I meant I wanted Hilary McKay to write more Casson books (but I probably said that wrong).

      Were you the one who told me about the Hilary Tamar books in the first place? I bet you were! Thanks for the rec, I super liked them!

  • Heather

    I’m so behind on all news that I had no idea that there was even flooding in Louisiana. As evidence of being behind on the news, I present you with evidence in the form of this comment being five days after your post went live; also I HAD NO IDEA YOU PODCASTED. You guys sound like the most fun.

  • Have you read The Rook? If you like the office politics of saving the world from the supernatural, Daniel O’Malley’s The Rook is THE BOOK and you should read it because it’s delightful.

    • Note to self: do not reply before you finish listening to the whole podcast. Also: I am so glad you loved The Rook.

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  • Courtney C

    When you two announced that you were reading “The Regional Office Is Under Attack,” I decided to read it too. Its premise sounded so good, especially since I really enjoyed “The Rook.” Whiskey Jenny, I am totally with you! I didn’t like this book at all! In fact, I couldn’t even finish it. There was something about the writing style that was irritating, and I just really didn’t like any of the characters enough to care about what happened to them. It was so disappointing because I really, really wanted to like it. Gin Jenny, I am with you: if you want the supernatural office politics, read “The Rook.” Another book with a similar tone is “The Intern’s Handbook” by Shane Kuhn — the characters aren’t supernatural, but they are assassins at an elite super-secret agency. Like “The Rook,” a lot of it covers office politics in a humorous and coy manner.