2016 Is an Illusion: A Links Round-Up

I’m over at Lady Business recommending nonfiction!

This is not tremendously on brand for me, but I just need y’all to know that there are people whose job title is “smokejumper” and before they became smokejumpers, their job title was “hot shot.” For real. This is real life. Here is how excited I was to share this news with Whiskey Jenny.\

Once again, I want to really emphasize that we have done nothing to deserve Alexandra Petri. Here’s her recap of the second and third presidential debates.

2016 is not real. Here’s the evidence. The thing about Mike Hookem is pretty compelling.

How the Nobel Prize winners are nominated, vetted, and chosen.

To the extent of my knowledge (ie based on the movies on this list I have seen), I fully endorse Sonia Saraiya and Jasmine Guillory’s list of the 33 Best RomComs of all time.

A comics author went on an absolute tear about Romani parents crippling their children on purpose, at this year’s Comic-Con. It was an astounding shitshow of ignorance and racism. Andrew Wheeler has a thorough summary of what happened and some thoughts on the way forward for Marvel.

Mentally ill women are missing from our genre fiction.

If you can stand reading more about white nationalism, this is the story of how a prominent white nationalist and member of a hate group that has committed nearly 100 murders in the five years renounced his toxic politics.

Claudia Rankine, queen of my heart, is using her MacArthur Genius Grant to study whiteness (and race in general).

Public Books has released a frankly pretty astonishing syllabus on rape culture in response to All That Shit in the past two weeks. I’m bookmarking this so I can read every single thing they’re recommending. Anyone care to join me?

9 thoughts on “2016 Is an Illusion: A Links Round-Up”

  1. Oooo I’m bookmarking the crap out of that rape culture syllabus. Although I don’t know if I can read that many things in one week, but I’m totally going to work through it slowly. Unless you have a more structured readalong thingy in mind?

    Also, those debate recaps are a hoot. I loved hate-watching the debates this year but man the third one was rough. I am very ready for it to be done now.

  2. Rankine briefly mentioned her macarthur grant plans at the event I went to the other night after I had seen the Guardian article about it. I was so excited and was disappointed she wasn’t given the chance to talk more about it. We’ve been visiting some of the same websites lately! I put the book from the Tor article Border Line on my library list the other day and I bookmarked the Public Books rape culture syllabus.

  3. I am ashamed to have missed Alexandra Petri’s debate recaps as they were published. Thank you for introducing me to her. I went through all the headlines of her most recent articles, and they’re all gold.

  4. I can’t give many examples of mentally ill women from SF/F, but Stephen King has several mentally ill women as protagonists in both his horror and his fantasy work.

  5. Okay, but no Philadelphia Story on the rom-com list? Because it’s the best. Better than Desk Set as a rom-com. Desk Set is wonderful for its own reasons.

  6. I have that Susan Brownmiller book if you want to borrow it. It’s like 40 years old though and is all second wavy. I don’t know why I still have it since I am definitely never reading it ever again.

  7. Sometimes I wish 2016 were not real. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for the reading list on rape culture. It looks very interesting (some I’ve read already, and others are new to me).

  8. Haha, the smokejumper thing is fantastic! Although I googled about it and apparently they only make $16/hour, which is not enough that I’d be willing to jump into a forest fire! Hopping over to check out your nonfiction recs now 🙂

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