Post-Election Links Round-Up

Manuel Gonzales

NK Jemisin

Nicole Chung

Mira Jacob

Masha Gessen

Vann R. Newkirk II

Rebecca Traister

Rembert Browne

Nikole Hannah-Jones

Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham

A whole bunch of writers of many genres

Stay safe, guys.

11 thoughts on “Post-Election Links Round-Up”

  1. I really like the Hilary Mantel piece, especially this bit: “For decades, the nice and the good have been talking to each other, chitchat in every forum going, ignoring what stews beneath: envy, anger, lust. On both sides of the ocean, the bien-pensants put their fingers in their ears and smiled and bowed at one another, like nodding dogs or painted puppets. They thought we had outgrown the deadly sins. They thought we were rational sophisticates who could defer gratification. They thought they had a majority, and they screened out the roaring from the cages outside their gates, or, if they heard it, they thought they could silence it with, as it may be, a little quantitative easing, a package of special measures. Primal dreads have gone unacknowledged. It is not only the crude blustering of the Trump campaign that has poisoned public discourse but the liberals’ indulgence of the marginal and the whimsical, the habit of letting lies pass, of ignoring the living truth in favor of groveling and meaningless apologies to the dead.”
    She was here right before the election, you know. In my town, at my college. (I missed her talk because it was parents’ weekend at Oberlin and we went to the opera with Walker.)

  2. Thanks for all those links! I know what I’ll be sneaking looks at today at work 🙂

    If you don’t read the Melville House Press blog Moby Lives, I highly recommend it. They are ripping into Trump and the media like nobody’s business.

    Also, I just added the phone numbers of the white house comments line, my senators and my congressional rep (Keith Ellison is awesome!) to my phone contacts list and plan to use them a lot. And I sent Elizabeth Warren an email to thank her for having the courage to stand up and speak out like she does. Not going to keep quiet!

  3. I stayed up late last night completely engrossed with The Fifth Season by Jemisin…thinking how scary to have too much power in too few hands, especially the hands of those who believe themselves superior, and how our world is having a parallel situation. Doesn’t help that the earth is causing chaos and destruction in the novel and some people, despite evidence, still don’t believe in climate change.

  4. Thank you for posting these. I had seen most of them but accidentally closed the tabs, so having them all in one place is handy. Toni Morrison, man. Wow.

  5. I read several responses from writers and they expressed exactly what I was feeling so thoughtfully and with the fiery conviction I needed to see from people I admire. I liked N.K. Jemisin’s blog posts and the round-up reactions several from authors several websites did post-election. I know that they will create amazing art inspired by this. I’m ready for it.

    1. Yeah, I was so impressed with people who were able to put words to what they were feeling right away. I spent most of the day after the election in a weird haze where my brain wouldn’t put coherent thoughts together. I hope the country can pull together and fight this, but I don’t know if they can/will. :/

  6. I apparently can’t even deal with reading all of these yet. Just started with Jemisin’s and she’s brilliant and she’s so right and I hate that this is our reality. I hate that we didn’t knock down the little flareups enough to put out this horrible fire before it got to this point. I hate that so many people are jumping right on board with the worst people in the world to destroy every bit of progress we’ve made over the past 50ish years. This is crap.

    1. I hate all those things too, Kristen. And I hate that we’re already pretending things are normal while the President-Elect sets up a corrupt and hateful administration. If we don’t fight now when the hell will we? I don’t want to say that I expected more from our politicians and our media (the last year has taught me to expect nothing from them), but I am at least incredibly disappointed in them.

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