Fantastic Girls and Gilmore Beasts: A Links Round-Up

Happy Friday, team! It is a grumpy Friday for me because I have to work tomorrow, but I struggle on in spite of everything. Stay brave, friends, and have a wonderful weekend.

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Rebecca Traister is a writer I’ve come to really respect, and her piece on blaming Trump on the people who fought the hardest against him is fantastic.

Also, here’s Rebecca Traister again and the equally fantastic Rembert Browne talking about moving forward with anger and/or optimism in the age of Trump.

What books were some of this year’s most awesomest writers thankful for? Buzzfeed has your list.

The state of Harry Potter fandom in the conflicted age of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

And speaking of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw has some thoughts about queer subtext in that movie and queer-coded villains.

The Merriam-Webster social media team speaks out about their on-point Twitter game.

Long story short, I always thought that Gilmore Girls was problematic and that the Gilmore girls were assholes (but I also love it!), so I’m really enjoying all the thinkpieces that have come out lately reading the revival for filth on those very points.

Also Maddie Myers is one of my fave critics these days, and she has good things to say about the Stars Hollow musical and what a jerk Lorelai is about it. (Lorelai Gilmore is a jerk, pass it on.)

On myths of racial determinism and books like Hillbilly Elegy.

Look up, please: Y’all, this is what I’m talking about. If you witness something like this happening, tell the person to stop. It will suck, but nobody else will do it if you don’t. Be that person.

A history of the concept of political correctness.

On the dearth of famous black writers in sci-fi.

The Atlantic has been doing Trump Time Capsules, but stopped when the election was over. Here’s what they have to say on the future of time capsules.

7 thoughts on “Fantastic Girls and Gilmore Beasts: A Links Round-Up”

  1. I have to work on Sunday, and I’m “half-time.”
    The article on HP fandom is interesting (I hate the part where they say “If you look around the pop-cultural landscape, it’s clear we’re in the era of the un-death”). After we went to see Fantastic Beasts, Eleanor was saying that she and her group of grad school friends were all disturbed by the final scene, in which witches and wizards go around righting toppled buildings and restoring NYC to its pre-disaster state. To them, the HP world is real and they ask “what does that say about the wizarding community now? They were two busy to right the twin towers?”

  2. I was initially very interested in reading Hillbilly Elegy when I first heard of it, but the more I read reviews and reactions like the one you linked to, the more I’m inclined to put it off. I like how Thomason says “The accident of Vance’s success is that he published his memoir about “a
    culture in crisis” at precisely the moment that Trump’s election has
    forged a national consensus that such a crisis exists. And, to
    paraphrase Milton Friedman, the ideas that get picked up in a time of
    crisis are the ones that are lying around.”
    The article on the history of political correctness and the current employment of it as a boogeyman was really good as well.

  3. Ooh, I am clicking through on almost all the links! Especially the Traister ones, I just finished my review of her book today 🙂

  4. The piece on famous black Sci-fi writers was really interesting. There several writers, but few have reached mainstream fame. Everyone always name-drops Jemisin, Okorafor, Hopkinson, Butler. But we need many more. Thankfully, we have new voices like Victor Lavalle & Daniel Jose Older who will continue to write and innovate as well. I’m pretty excited for the future of speculative fiction.

  5. I loved every one one of these links this time. So much good stuff – the post-election stuff was especially powerful, as was the HP fandom one. I have definitely been on the fence about the series expansion and have yet to see Magical Beasts or read The Cursed Child.

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