Happy Holidays, Friends!

Well, team, 2016 has been hot garbage. A few good things have happened though. One of my oldest and dearest friends, a woman who I love desperately and whose happiness gets me totally teary, got married this year. My sister and brother-in-law had a baby, so I have a new godson to buy books for. Those were excellent things.

this is not my godson. this is a stock baby photograph from Wikipedia. we’re not posting pictures of the baby on the internet. luckily, all babies look alike.

In many other, terrifying ways, 2016 was a shitpile. I am trying not to think too much about it during this holiday season, and I hope that you have found some good distractions for yourself too. Stay safe and have wonderful holidays! I will be back in the New Year to talk about apocalypses and the books I (hopefully) got for Christmas and the book you (hopefully) received or purchased.

Oh, also! An exciting thing! I am going to try cooking a BRAND NEW THING: Brie cheese covered in apricot preserves wrapped up in puff pastry sheets. I will cook the fuck out of it and eat it on crackers and I will let you know how it turns out. Sounds good, right?

Okay! Go have your holidays! I love you all! I am sorry that 2016 was such a shitpile for all of us, and we will have to keep each other safe and brave and accountable in 2017.

  • I make baked brie in puff pastry every year for Thanksgiving and Xmas…it’s one of those things that looks super complicated and fancy, but really isn’t! Here are my tips: 1) don’t try to substitute a wedge of brie for a wheel. It doesn’t work. 2) depending on the size of your brie wheel, cut the corners off the pastry sheets so you don’t have too much pastry once you fold and tuck 3) Brush an egg wash (a beaten egg with a bit of water added) over the pastry before baking to give it that golden shine

    Hope it works out!

  • This post made me so happy (and hungry!). I’m with you on all the garbage of this year, but your stock baby godson is adorbs and sounds like the perfect snuggle. Here’s to some kind of miracle in 2017.

  • Jeanne

    Maybe because I don’t much care for year-end reviews, I don’t get the meme of calling years good or bad. They are what they are, full of good and bad things, and feeling well rid of one doesn’t help me get a better start on the next.
    Cheese in pastry is always good. I’ve made gouda brushed with mustard wrapped in crescent roll dough for years. Brie in apricot sounds even better!

  • Kailana

    I hope 2017 is a better year for all, but we will see how that goes…

  • Alley

    “luckily, all babies look alike.” Ahahaa. But seriously, yes, yes they do.

    Please make sure to report back about the brie because that sounds amazing. I’ve made it with brown sugar, cranberries and pecans and it was delicious, so I imagine this will follow that trend

  • Meaghan Walsh Gerard

    That sounds delicious!!

  • Congrats to your friend + sister, and congrats to you for making it through this shitpile of a year. Also, I eagerly await your report on the cheese pastry thing, it sounds amazing.

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    2016 was pretty terrible but you have been a bright spot! Happy holidays! Read lots and enjoy that brie cheese thing (as a vegan I have no idea what it will all look or taste like but you go!).

  • Amanda

    Everything is better with brie and pastry. Especially the end to this total shitpile of a year.

  • I hope next year will be better. Congratulations to your sister (and family) and your friend!

  • All babies do look alike! LOLOLOL! We sometimes look at baby pictures and then go – that looks like my daughter, how is it possible??

    Anyways, congratulations to your sister and your friend. Enjoy your holidays and don’t think too much about the horrible stuff going on.

  • Juhi

    thank you for being your exuberant yourself, and caring about all the things you do, and here’s wishing a great holiday season to you too! 😛

  • Merry Christmas, Other Jenny. I am so very glad to have you as a friend, and to know you are here being brave. Here’s to the Resistance.

  • Great British TV Site

    I really love thinking of you as “the Godmother.” Use your power for good and not evil!
    Well, sure 2016 was a shitpile. But heck. We’re all still here together, after all, so there is that. And perhaps it’s important to have something to rebel against. Solidarity, sister, and the happiest of new years to you and all of yours.

  • Read Diverse Books

    Your godson is adorable! He will be blessed to have you as a godmother 😀 I wish I had one who bought books for me as a kid. Have a lovely holiday and let’s hope 2017 is somehow, miraculously, not a total shitstorm.. I’m not optimistic, but I need a little hope to drive me through the end of the year, at least.

  • Merry Christmas! I hope that Brie turns out – it sounds delish

  • Jeane Nevarez

    I have been having a kinda garbagey end to the year too. That is my swear word when I don’t want to say something the kids will repeat: I yell “GARBAGEY” at things, my husband cracks up about it. Here’s hoping the holidays are nice with good books and time to read. That brie things you are making sounds complicated I hope it tastes good. Cheers!

  • Rachel

    Happy Holidays and congrats on your new godson! Hopefully 2017 will be a better year!

  • Akilah

    Happy holidays! Eat all the brie! Though I am not sure you need crackers with the puff pastry, but I could be wrong.

  • Happy Holidays! Enjoy that little guy! And here’s to a 2017 full of hope and promise!

  • I’m glad you’ve had some happiness in your year too! Your brie and apricot cooking plans sounds fantastic 🙂

  • helen (a gallimaufry)

    Oooh, congratulations on becoming an auntie and godmother! You’d better start working on those pumpkins. Ho ho. I hope that you are having fabulous holidays and that everyone screamed with joy upon eating your apricot brie pastry fantasia. And may 2017 be better for all of us.

  • So? How was the brie? An unmitigated success, right?

    Congrats on the wedding and new babies in the family! When everything looks like it is going to hell, we need more reminders that life doesn’t totally suck.

    Here’s to a kick-ass 2017!

  • Laila@BigReadingLife

    Happy Holidays, Jenny! Love your stock godson photo. 🙂 Congrats on becoming an aunt! Thanks for supporting my blog and for being awesome in general. I’ve been reminding myself of all the good things that happened in 2016 to counteract the general flaming turd pile that it was. May 2017 not suck as hard! (That’s the best that I’ve got.)

  • The caption on the baby photo cracked me up. 🙂

    I hope 2017 is better for us all, and I hope that brie deliciousness turned out tasty! 😀

  • Happy new year! May 2017 not be the hot mess that was 2016.

    Also, HOW WAS THE BRIE?? It sounds immense.

  • Nishita

    Happy new year! And may 2017 work out better than 2016. Although I am not optimistic after reading a) my horoscope and b) the general financial/political forecasts for the year c) news of a couple of office staff dismissals. Gah! Do they actually have to do this on the very first working day of the year?