Shameless Self-Plugs: A Links Round-Up

I’ve been bouncing around the internets with my writing thoughts. Have some of my word-related New Year’s Resolutions over at the Oxford Dictionaries blog! Then enjoy my picks for 2016 Smugglivus, over at Book Smugglers!

Maddy Myers is great, y’all. Here she is on on-screen queer kisses over at The Mary Sue.

Y’all, you guys, hey everyone, guess what! England is about to get the FIRST EVER Kurdish novel to be translated into English. How cool! How good for the Kurds! I hope it publishes in the US also!

This Natalie Luhrs piece for Uncanny Magazine unpacks what’s so great about romance novels — among other things, it’s that romance takes emotional growth really seriously.

This Sarah Jeong article about the Star Wars prequels makes a pretty good case for its conclusion:

I guess what I’m saying is, maybe if the Galactic Senate hadn’t defunded Planned Parenthood, the Republic wouldn’t have succumbed to an evil fascist dictatorship.

Speaking of Star Wars, I never do this, but I loved this Bodhi Rook-centric fic so much that I’m sharing it here. Even if you don’t read a lot of fanfic, read this one. It’s superb. Hat tip to Rukmini Pande for the rec.

Some book adaptations coming to TV this year. GET PSYCHED.

The Millions has released their glorious, glorious 2017 book preview (through June). TBR lists beware!

Your reminder that writing white supremacy into disciplines of folklore and medievalism was a major strategy of the Nazi regime. (Or: on white nationalism in medieval studies.)

The world has been feeling more than ever like hot garbage this month, but I also read this Twitter thread about C.S. Lewis and Susan, and it meant the world to me. Cf: this excellent point.

I hope you all have an exceptionally fortunate Friday the 13th! If you need something to give you a little boost, maybe try the new Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events, which looks really fun.

12 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Plugs: A Links Round-Up”

  1. I…..have not yet watched Rogue One (I know, I know), but there’s no way in hell I won’t be bingeing on ASOUE since books don’t seem to me grabbing me at all.

  2. My daughter sent me that article on white nationalism in medieval studies this fall, as she is in her first year of grad school as a medieval/renaissance scholar. Of course, the problem with global medieval studies, at least in literature, is the difficulty of learning to read the archaic vernacular languages.
    The book I’m most excited for next year is coming out in October, Nick Harkaway’s Gnomon. You may not have been a fan in the past, but this new one is, as Monty Python used to say, something completely different.

  3. Ha, the Padme childbirth one is fun. But I do have to take exception to this: “Reproductive health and childbirth is a crutch, and Lucas gets away with
    it because his audience accepts that these things are mysterious and
    cannot be intervened with…”

    DOES his audience accept that? IIRC everybody thought it was idiotic and stupid. It’s considered the worst ending to the worst SW movie. Just because it appears doesn’t mean that the audience accepts it (except the three fanboys who will defend anything at all).

  4. Loved your posts over in the other internet spaces and have visited/commented on them accordingly. The Natalie Luhrs’ post on romance novels is great especially the mention of Cecilia Grant’s book. I identify with Luhr when she said that when people ask what she’s reading now or recommending, she falls back on anything other than romance. I’ve definitely done that, most recently with two guys who I was just getting to know better and who were genuinely interested in the books I’d been enjoying lately. Inside my head, I knew I was censoring out the romance books I’d enjoyed, but I didn’t want to bring the ‘baggage’ associated with romance novels into this ‘getting to know you’ type conversation.

    The medievalist article was also very good – I didn’t know that about Celtic symbology and its appropriation by white nationalists but it makes sense and now some stray observations I’ve over the years are coalescing in light of this information.

  5. Yess Kurdish lit in translation! Also wonderful list over at Smugglivus! I loved Genius, which you actually recommended to me yay, but I need more of it! Also damnit now I can’t remember the title but there’s awesome looking UP book/s coming out about resistance and violence.

  6. My main research topic is medieval images as fascism or resistance in World War II French literature and film. So thanks for that article!

  7. The piece about white supremacism in medieval studies is fascinating, so are the comments, especially about construction of race. It reminds me of an essay by Umberto Eco on hyperreality (, the Middle Ages seems particularly vulnerable to people’s projections of their fantasies.

    BUT I shall remain ever grateful to you Jenny for that link to Leah Bobet’s comments about Susan and C.S. Lewis. That has totally made my day. By the way, have you ever read ‘Till We Have Faces’? It’s really interesting. I want to write about it but am still thinking about how to do that…

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