Breathing into a Paper Bag: A Links Round-Up

Welp, this has been a flatly terrifying week. Everyone take good care of yourself this weekend. Eat some yummy foods. Hug some puppies. We’ll be here for you on Monday. My links are mostly unscary ones because I care about you and I’m guessing your Twitter feed has been scary enough lately.

Writers always wrote for money, so why do we suddenly have this idea that good writing springs purely from love?

Also, why writers are so reluctant to talk about their pay in specific terms. This article is a review of the edited collection Scratch, and the one above is an excerpt from it. Media saturation! (But also I just find this really interesting.)

That new DOJ report on patterns of abuse in the Chicago Police Department is pretty scary and upsetting. (So it’s okay to skip this link if you are scary-and-upsetting-ed out for the week.) They do bad things to children. Why again do people oppose increased transparency/accountability in police departments?

Daniel Handler on creating the new Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix show. I have some issues with the show but love how diverse the casting is! Even in crowd scenes! It is like the showrunners wanted to reflect the real world or something!

Here’s a super nifty and adorable animated representation of the Joseph Campbell model of the Hero’s Journey. It’s useful because we are all becoming heroes in this new administration! Being a hero sucks most of the time, but we can do it.

My sister sent me this v. interesting article on Afghan women’s poetry. It is fascinating but sad, so be aware before you click that sadness will ensue.

Why the band The Slants might depend on the same laws and court decisions that protect the Washington football team (or they may not) (it’s complicated).

Swapna Krishna on punching Nazis and Nick Spencer ferociously criticizing same.

My friend Alice made me cry by talking about keeping our voices lifted even when it seems like we’re not having any effect on those in power.

The myth of the peaceful women’s march (or, why it’s wrong to feel morally superior about no arrests this weekend).

That’s all for now! Have as good a weekend as you can, and I’ll see you back here on Monday to keep talking about books and protesting this presidency.

  • Akilah

    Thanks for the link to your friend Alice’s post. I’m listening to the Thug Notes book, and he just finished talking about To Kill a Mockingbird and how it’s all about fighting the good fight even when it seems pointless because it’s NEVER pointless, and it’s good to have the reminder. So yeah. Thanks for that.

  • My dad knew a guy who was fired from the Chicago PD, and the stories he told my dad about what went on are chilling AF. Maybe if more people heard those stories they’d understand the BLM movement

  • Jeanne

    It has been a terrifying week. I dreamed about a dog just like your dog only black, which is the closest I will come to hugging puppies. We’re getting lots of cat love, though, since it snowed last night and they don’t want to go out.

  • Nishita

    It’s been such a weird week. I was under the mistaken impression that he wouldn’t be able to do all that he’s done as there would be enough opposition in the House. But looks like he is able to push through it all. Scary!

  • That article about the peaceful marching is fascinating and makes a lot of sense, sadly. I wonder how we can use that sexism to our advantage…

    There will be much puppy hugging this weekend. It has gotten so that I am not sleeping well at night as I am worrying about what shit he will do in the middle of the night.

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    You’re right, being a hero does suck which is why we all would rather admire them but none of us wants to be one. It’s been ages since I read Campbell, I should probably pull him off the shelf sometime. And loved the Reading Rambo post!

  • JeanPing

    This has been the most bizarre and terrible week. I don’t even know what to say any more. Alice’s post is great though.

    In other news, I have now watched two Dirk Gently episodes and it is really, really strange. They’re having a lot of fun with it. I’m not sure if I *like* it exactly, but it’s sure interesting. More violence than I like, but my violence tolerance level is really low.

  • Read Diverse Books

    Yeah, it’s been a rough week. I will be sure to practice self-care and step away from social media / Twitter when needed.
    Thanks for all the great links! That Hero’s Jouney video was wonderful. And the Afghan Women’s poetry.. </3

  • Alice’s post was beautiful, thank you.

    This week simply defies description. How has the country that 240 years ago rejected the rule of an insane king they considered a tyrant, now elected a obviously insane tyrant who thinks he is not only a king, but a god who can bend reality to his will? And Congress just proceeds with business as usual? What is the madness that has infected our nation and our world? How do I stay mentally fit in order to cope? That has to be my priority right now; when I rage too much it starts to feel like I’m getting infected myself.

  • So terrifying. Right now feeling so angry and upset about so many things I don’t even know where to start. But some of these links helped so thanks. I especially appreciated the Joseph Campbell video and the post from Alice.

  • Maureen E

    I’m finally reading Swapna Krishna’s post on the comics asshole and *heart eyes for days*

    I had to take a Twitter break after reading myself into the early stages of a panic attack on Friday, so…yeah.

  • Alley

    I have been SO HAPPY with the diversity in the Unfortunate Events series. I am holding onto these small things

  • Great links! Thanks Jenny 🙂