It’s Friday, friends, and I’m working all day tomorrow at a conference. Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful and restful weekend, and that if I don’t get enough sleep (I won’t) or find a reasonable place to park (I won’t), I at least manage to buy some terrific books at discount last-day-of-conference prices.

All the excuses people give for making shitty racist movies, and why none of them are that convincing. (Clap your hands if you are pleased to see Ghost in the Shell bombing.)

On feminist SF writers and the dystopian worlds they create. And it’s got a hell of a concluding paragraph.

Oliver Sacks’s partner, Bill Hayes, writes with such clear-eyed love and sweetness about Oliver Sacks. It’s not everyone who can write about the person they love as well as this.

Feminist hypocrisy is the new trend in start-up narratives.

I am perennially furious that guys are given such a narrow range of potential gender performance. Boys look great in makeup! Let boys wear makeup, society! Here is a deeply personal and lovely essay about sexuality, gender performance, and Snapchat makeup filters.

Brit Bennett, author of The Mothers (which I liked a lot), talks to The Millions about black stories and having her book adapted for film.

On the myth of the lone wolf terrorist.

This article and then this article on the accuracy of the therapist’s depiction on Big Little Lies has made me 150% more likely to actually watch this show.

Art world scandals are my favorite scandals.

Marvel’s being shitty again, but luckily Gavia Baker-Whitelaw is here to explain what’s going on. Swapna Krishna has some ideas for Marvel to bring in more female readers.

Stephanie Powell Watts on books you love that don’t love you back.

Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I just started Big Little Lies last night! I was resisting b/c I hated the book, but really loved the first episode. Haven’t seen the therapist yet, but will keep an eye out.

  • Michelle

    I always find your links interesting Jenny. They cover issues not widely mentioned elsewhere.

  • Jeanne

    Wow. I must read more Stephanie Powell Watts.

    • Care

      I thought the same thing.

  • CoolCurry

    This is an awesome round up! I especially loved the article on make up.

  • I’m looking forward to reading these links (I’ve got two up now). Feminist hypocrisy makes me so angry. These women are using feminist messaging as a marketing tool to make money for themselves.

  • Akilah

    That Brit Bennett interview was awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • That feminist SF writers article – wow. Gave me chills. As for the feminist hypocrisy novel, it left me thinking, especially about the question whether it was possible to be feminist and capitalist at the same time. I’m not certain we can be both. Perhaps it is naive to think that, but working in business in Accounting, the bottom line will trump agendas all the time. I’ve had CFOs complain to HR (behind closed doors) that we are hiring too many employees with families because it increases our health insurance costs. It bothers me that the THINX CEO played this game though. I was a huge proponent of the product and loved her messaging. Now, the brand name makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

  • Stefanie@SoManyBooks

    Oh, loved the feminist SF article! And definitely, boys should be able to wear makeup if they want to! David Bowie and Prince both rocked the eyeliner, why can’t boys give it a try too? Makeup might actually be fun again.

  • As always, a great round-up of thought provoking links. I’ll definitely be passing many of them along.