Research Topics for the Weekend: A Links Round-Up

Happy Friday! There are no more good weeks in our barren world; there are only weeks where the world falls apart. Eat cheese and chocolate accordingly, and plan to call your senators a whole lot next week.

The always-marvelous Angelica Jade Bastien unpacks the debate about black American and British actors.

This isn’t new, but I hadn’t seen it before: An interactive self-care guide that is legit pretty great.

If you’ve read The Thief and The Queen of Attolia, may I direct your attention to this appreciation of Eugenides? It contains significant spoilers for two eminently spoilable books, so don’t click if you haven’t read them.

Dude movie stars are getting too many muscles, says Vulture. I….do not disagree with this. Chris Evans’s arms in Civil War are pretty great tho.

This excerpt from the new book Hearththrobs is pretty fucking great. The goal of making me want to read Hearthrobs is achieved thereby.

Wesley Morris writes about Bill Maher with the perfect degree of contempt and world-weariness. Plus a hell of a kicker.

This Buzzfeed article on Trump-inspired rhetoric in schools made me really sad. Also squares with some stuff I’ve heard from teacher friends.

Since we’re interviewing Zan Romanoff for next week’s podcast, I am in the midst of a desultory deep dive into One Direction history. Here’s her explainer on the group.

Some thoughts on sex work and its decriminalization (a topic about which I am soon going to educate myself more thoroughly).

One time I asked my dear, good friend Julia to teach me how to be a Wikipedia editor, and she was all gung-ho for it. She was like “Okay, first of all, pick a username that doesn’t indicate in any way that you might be a woman, and also don’t let it be connected to any other username you’ve ever used for anything anywhere on the internet, no matter how long ago,” and I was like “ha ha never mind, this sounds awful.” I felt bad for disappointing her, but on the other hand, this article.

Have a wonderful weekend, my darlings! I will be reading up on One Direction, South African history, and the decriminalization of sex work.

  • I’m a big believer that there can never be too much muscle. 💪🏽😻

  • I totally disagree that muscles are getting too big or too many. I say bring it. I am never happier than watching a man with a lot of muscle on any screen.

  • That article on black British/American actors was really, really interesting.

    I am so impressed and grateful that you read all this other stuff and still read books. May your shadow never grow bulkier.

  • I never thought I’d be so happy pure laziness stopped me from being a Wikipedia editor, even though their article on Giorgio di Chirico (the artist I wrote my thesis on) is full of lies. Lies I ye!

  • I’ve heard bad things about the wikipedia community too. It’s really a shame, since so many people get their information there these days.

  • Alley

    I mean, I agree with Janet up there for the most part, but Chris Evans as Captain America ripping apart logs and anything Jason Momoa does (have you seen him throwing axes?? What even?) is pretty swell.