The Chillest Wilkie Collins Readalong Ever

This is a day late because I will not abide by putting out a tardy podcast!1 But the beautiful and brilliant Alice of Reading Rambo is hosting an excellent A+ readalong in which we all will learn all the facts of Wilkie Collins’s life. And I am doing the thing! Stay tuned for WILKIE COLLINS FACTS every Wednesday/Thursday through mid-July.

1. Where are you located!
Louisiana! Hurricane season has begun, which I’m trying not to think about. Meanwhile we are in the midst of summer weather, which is sunny mornings and thunderstorm afternoons, i.e., the best weather if you are a curmudgeon who wants to stay in every night.

2. What do you know about Wilkie Collins already?
He’s the secretly-better version of Charles Dickens. Maybe he and Dickens had a fight one time? Or am I just thinking of Hans Christian Anderson? Anyway, some kind of relationship with Dickens. Also, I want to say, opium? He was addicted to a drug and I think it was opium.

3. What have you read of his?
The Moonstone, which my most brilliant and intimidating friend gave me for my thirteenth birthday and I was like “well this doesn’t look very exciting” but then I LOVED it. And The Woman in White, which is kind of the exact opposite of The Moonstone in that it starts really strong but honestly kind of peters out towards the end, and The Moonstone follows an opposite trajectory to that and consequently is my favorite because I love good endings.

4. How much do you love the cover of this book?
I don’t think anyone possibly could love the cover of the book as much as Alice.

  1. The podcast Statler and Waldorf are up in their balcony yelling about lies right now and THEY ARE RIGHT.
  • Alice

    “I don’t think anyone possibly could love the cover of the book as much as Alice.”

    I LOL’D

  • I think I read Moonstone ages ago. I can’t remember if I read Woman in White. I have vaguely positive feelings associated with Wilkie Collins, so I assume I enjoyed the book(s?) that I read. I am a good candidate to join this readalong! (Not sure I’ll do it officially, however. That’s too much pressure.)

  • That’s pretty much all I can remember about Wilkie Collins too –
    something about Charles Dickens and opium. But hey, I’d be more than
    happy if that’s how people remembered ME for the next hundred years!

    I feel the same way about The Moonstone and The Woman in White! I loved the latter to begin with, but gradually lost interest.

  • Alley

    i totally missed the format for this first post. WHOOOPS

    Hooray I’m so glad you are joining!!

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  • I have never read anything by Wilkie Collins, but this post has totally made me want to!