The Future of Football: A Links Round-Up

IT IS FRIDAY. Every week is a thousand years long, and I have a weird SF video thing to share with you first:

What will football look like in the future (the far, far future)? SB Nation has a go at figuring it out.

Following the death of Otto Wambier, journalist and Korea expert Suki Kim argues that tourism to North Korea serves no legitimate purpose.

Some people get very mad when JK Rowling says stuff about Harry Potter. My pal Ben Lindbergh argues at The Ringer that there’s no point being mad about it.

This movie review is magical. I loved every word of it, from the first line all the way through to the ending. Props.

This book review is also magical. Reviews are magic. Thank you, God, for giving us reviews like these.

Three books about (kind of) One Direction fandom that sound great. And I mean, one of them is great. Cause I read it. And I really liked it.

Janet Mock on “pretty privilege,” which is for sure a real thing.

In honor of the Fourth of July, Karan Mahajan writes about the American institution of small talk (and its trickiness to master).

Juliet Litman weighs in on the mess that the Bachelor franchise has made of itself.

The Public Religion Research Institute has a new study about the way Americans in different demographics perceive discrimination in this country and what should be done about it.

This story about the Philip Pullman bid in Authors for Grenfell Tower will never not make me teary.

What are the books that colleges are giving incoming freshman to read? My main takeaway from this article is that everyone else got to read awesome stuff and we had to read goddamn Fast Food Nation.

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! I will be making homemade Oreos, editing podcast, constructing a dollhouse, and hopefully getting some reading done and WATCHING BLACK SAILS OMG.

  • Jessie

    OMG Black Sails! What season are you on? I’m still sad its over.

    I’m off to read the Janet Mock essay- thanks for sharing!

    • I’m on Season 2! I’m trying to watch it really slowly to make it last, because I’m so sad when I think about it being over forever. I just watched the episode where you find out, er, a key detail of Flint’s backstory with Thomas and Miranda? And my mind stays blown. :p

      • Ooh you’ve got a lot to look forward to then!! Happy watching!

  • Jeanne

    Those reviews are something. I particularly enjoyed the movie one.
    My college (Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas) had a common book (Return to Laughter) and I read it and was disappointed that so few of the other first-year students read it.
    Then I taught at Otterbein in Westerville, OH and they had a couple of good common books (Ozeki’s My Year of Meats and Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains) but again I was disappointed how few students read them. I used the common book as the one assignment where we could talk about a book at something of the same level, pointing out that professors usually assign books that they’ve read more than once, while the students are often reading the books (when they read them at all) for the first time.

    • The movie one was SO great. Like, every successive event it described was more bonkers than the last.

  • Interesting about college reading. I personally never had that when I was at UW-Madison. They don’t have that program at Iowa State either, as we heard nothing about it at my son’s freshman orientation. I sort of wish they did.

    Ah, pretty privilege. It is an interesting phenomenon, especially when you think about how women have been raised to encourage it with the way they dress and act. After all, when told to dress or act a certain way, the underlying message is that they are trying to make us as pleasant as possible to others. What is the point of that unless it is to “deserve” the beneficial treatment that comes with pleasing others.

    • Yeah, definitely! The weird thing about it is that I think there are a few people who most humans agree are pretty, but *mostly* what pretty privilege comes from, I think, is a particular type of gender conformity and presentation? I always think of this article I read a while back where the woman put on different types of makeup and clothes (goth, pin-up girl, manic pixie dream girl) and chronicled the differences in the responses she got in her online dating profile. It was fascinating.

      • That does sound fascinating and immediately gets me thinking that people never really look at one another. It would explain so much.

  • JeanPing

    Yeah, I gotta agree with Suki Kim on that one.

    Well, of course pretty privilege is real. On the whole I think I’ve been better off without very much of it, though. (I was averagely cute, at best.)

  • Oh my gosh, that movie review! It was fantastic and I would just like to note that I would have believed that you’d written it because your reviews are equally funny and magical. Also, I have to agree yet again that the bachelor shows are a mess and I’m going to commiserate with you about your college read – ours was Nickle and Dimed.

  • Great links! My college didn’t assign any summer reading. It probably would’ve been something left-ish, but not really.

  • I hesitated to read the book review lest it wouldn’t be as great as the movie review but they were just as great as each other, just different. Thank you.

  • OK I’m super-glad you linked to the future of football thing, because someone was telling me about it just yesterday and I felt like it sounded weird enough that I might want to go look at it, but I probably wouldn’t have actually searched for it on my own, but now here it is and I can go look at it.

  • Every week IS a thousand years long!! I thought I was alone D:

    “just saw The Book of Henry, and I feel like I’ve been mugged by a Decemberists song.” This is possibly one of the best openers I’ve ever read.

  • Care


  • Christy

    That movie review was amazing – that film sounds absolutely bonkers!