At Last, the Recess: A Links Round-Up

Well this has been a hell of a Congressional season, and one of my damn senators still hasn’t held a damn town hall. But at least we’re getting a short break.

Roxane Gay on Confederate and why she doesn’t want it. I’m going to share this one quote because it’s really good:

It is curious that time and again, when people create alternate histories, they are largely replicating a history we already know, and intimately. They are replicating histories where whiteness thrives and people of color remain oppressed.

I’ll never not want to post links about Tom Stoppard and how great he is. And like, if his best work is behind him, that seems FINE because he is EIGHTY.

In addition to every other goddamn thing, Trump is dicking up the book industry for all of us.

A roundtable discussion of black SFF authors and the ways the industry shuts them out.

What is an independent bookseller’s responsibility to Hillbilly Elegy?

Bronx native Noelle Santos is opening a bookstore in the Bronx, which since 2016 hasn’t had any general interest bookstores in the entire borough. Noelle Santos is my hero.

The Frick (a museum I have never been in GASP GASP I know I always meant to go but so far I have not been) is working on a new project that would create lil books to go along with their artistic masterpieces. Hilary Mantel, among others, has signed on to participate.

I am usually crabby as hell about depictions of child protective services, but I think this NYTimes piece manages a critique of its practices in a way that doesn’t elide some of the problems child protective services caseworkers face.

Someone on the internet is a genius, part eleven thousand.

5 thoughts on “At Last, the Recess: A Links Round-Up”

  1. I was irritated all the way through the piece about Hillbillly Elegy, until the last sentence, which makes it seem to me that the author got one of the things Vance is saying, that more of us need to listen as if we don’t already (think we) know the answers.

  2. Girl, my rep (the illustrious Speaker of the House) hasn’t held a town hall in almost two freaking years.

    That Hillbilly Elegy article – I swear that could be me if I were a bookseller. The book is not what it is being marketed as, and there is a danger in that.

    Plus, Meeping Angel!

  3. How crazy is it to have so many Americans craving a congressional recess? I know that 45’s 17-day vacation will seem too short!

  4. I loved Hillbilly Elegy because it was the first book I read that captured the overwhelming apathy of people around me. Most of the liberal criticism I’ve seen of it has come from people who don’t live in the areas discussed. Even if you don’t agree you should sell the book. People should be abke to read what they want. If you don’t sell it, how is thst different than pharmacists not selling birth control if it is agau]inst their beliefs?

  5. As a librarian, I had to bite my tongue many times when patrons asked for books I personally found repugnant, but it is the librarian’s creed to Do Not Censor. Sometimes they would also try to engage me in discussion or insist that I “absolutely HAD to read it!” My response was usually “Thanks, I’ll put it on my list” (which currently stands at more than 800 books) and a polite, “Next in line, please!”

    And that Meeping Angel is HILARIOUS.

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