Too Busy Reading about Pirates: A Links Round-Up

Okay, full disclosure, in a bid to make my watch of Black Sails last longer, I have been reading a lot of pirate books in the evenings. I checked out I think fifteen of them from my library, and that’s not counting the ones I own from the last time I got interested in pirates. So I haven’t had as much time to compile links for you. I’ve made up for it by including the very very best links.

First up, the Book Smugglers are running a Kickstarter so that they can continue to do what they do and pay more dollars to diverse SFF creators. They’re an incredible publisher and resource, and you should support them. Do it do it do it!

Once you’ve done that, if you have dollars left over, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is raising money for a feature film! You can donate there as well if you want to see Phryne’s fabulous wardrobe and Jack’s strangely seductive inability to stand up straight on your screens again.

Boys in college predictably were always trying to get me to watch Boondock Saints, a movie I was confident I would loathe. So this brutal Nathan Rabin piece about its director brought tears of joy to my eyes. (I have still never seen Boondock Saints.)

Taylor Swift and medieval studies have the same problem: Nazis love them. Both of them need to do something about it.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the queen of school resegregation reporting, has a new piece up at the New York Times about how southern school districts are resegregating through secession. Basically southern schools are beginning to follow the northern blueprint of separating school systems at the metropolitan, rather than the parish (county) level.

God actually blessed us with a new Nikole Hannah-Jones piece and a new Ta-Nehisi Coates piece in the same week. Here’s Coates on Trump and white supremacy.

Why Louie CK needs to address ongoing allegations of harassment. Most notably:

One of the most persistent and damaging cultural myths about sexual assault is that the people who commit it are uniquely evil—that they are not the same as the people you are friends with, or related to, or dating, or a fan of, the people that you trust or that you like.

Rembert Browne is typically brilliant on the subject of Colin Kaepernick and what white America expects of black folks it loves.

Sorry this was short, and I wish you a very happy weekend! My Saints will be playing the Partytots, so I anticipate a grim ending to mine. May your teams all win.

  • Alice

    I have FORWARDED the Kickstarter link to my father, as he and my mother are now very invested in Miss Fisher.

    Also I thought this was going to include more pirate information. APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG.

    • Oh do you want pirate information because I CAN GIVE YOU PIRATE INFORMATION

      • Alice

        Well yeah.

  • Akilah

    Partytots, tho.

    That medieval studies link was fascinating. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed! I am glad this is being talked about more now because it is troubling as hell, the shit Nazis will launch onto.

  • Grim ending indeed. I was cheering for them to beat the Vikings last weekend. I hold out hope that they will find a way to utilize Adrian Peterson and that they can stuff it to the Partytots.

    • I do not think so, Michelle. Realistically, I am pretty sure we are going to lose. To the stupid Partytots. Oh how I hate them.

      • I second your hate. The whole lot of them.

  • Citizen Reader

    Wow, so much here. Where to begin.
    Black Sails, huh? My UNENDING UNDYING UNQUENCHABLE love for Toby Stephens notwithstanding, I find I cannot get into Black Sails. It seems to sail through massive plot points (and holes), like thousands of them per episode. I’m still trying to figure out why one thing happened and they’re on to the next thing. Perhaps I just cannot live life at the speed of pirate.

    Okay, men recommending stuff. Why “The Boondock Saints,” I wonder? I’d never heard of it, so had to go watch the trailer, and YE GODS. Although I am also weirdly addicted to Willem Dafoe, so I probably should not watch The BS (I find that abbreviation hilarious, personally), in case I love it. I think men have only made me watch two movies, if memory serves: Annie Hall and Joe Vs. The Volcano. I have no idea what that says about the men I used to date. I will say this: if you are looking for an interesting (albeit violent, I’ll grant you that) movie about violence and the mob, I’d suggest “The History of Violence” starring Viggo Mortensen. You will never look at William Hurt again in the same way.

    Because I am a PARTY POOPER, and because it is that time of year, I must suggest you read the book “Scoreboard, Baby,” about the Univ. of Washington football team and all the felony shit they got away with (rape, attempted murder, assault) just BECAUSE they were football players. Christ. I suppose I always will be a Packers fan but I just can’t get myself to care about the sport anymore.

    Sorry for the long long comment!

    • NEVER APOLOGIZE for a long comment. I’m going to go in reverse order: First up, believe me, nobody could be more critical than I am of the way The Culture handles sportsball players and their transgressions. It’s trash at every level. These kids, many of whom come from poverty, are feted and protected from every consequence their actions might have; and then on the other side, they’re asked to play this deeply damaging sport FOR FREE while a bunch of already-wealthy white folks benefit massively from the fruits of their labors. I have a complex relationship to football. I love it and I am maddened by it.

      I have heard great things about History of Violence! And I tend to be willing to watch most anything Viggo Mortensen is in, both because I think he’s a good actor, and because he seems more intentional than most actors about what projects he signs on for.

      How far into Black Sails are you? I would say that the first season has some problems and is very “Find the McGuffin”-driven, and then the plot keeps tightening up as the show goes on. So Season 2 is a lot tighter and more emotional and all-around better than Season 1, and Season 3 so far is proving to be tighter plotwise than Season 2. For whatever that’s worth!

  • Great collection of links, as always! I think your pirate reading binge sounds fantastically fun. I’d love to do some really focused reading on one topic like that. I think I’d retain a lot more than I do reading more eclectically.

    • Yes, exactly! It’s good because the many things I’m learning from the different books all complement each other, like I’m building a whole network of knowledge relating to pirates. But I guess we’ll see how much I retain as time goes by. :p

  • JeanPing

    Sigh. *I* like medieval studies, and I think Taylor Swift is pretty fun some of the time. Now I am sad.

    • JeanPing

      Also, never heard of Boondock Saints. I gather this is OK.