Something on Sunday (a Tiny Plan)

I have been seeing a lot of sadness and anxiety in the blogosphere lately; lots of people posting that they’re struggling to find motivation and time to read or post or go blog-hopping. And on one hand, I’ve been doing this for A DECADE and that just seems to be part of the natural cycle of blogging, to have times where you want to prioritize it more and times when you want to prioritize it less or maybe even step away.

On the other hand, I suspect that the same is true for other bloggers as is true for me, which is that this administration is sapping our strength. I live in a state of constant anxiety, whether it’s over the current terrible thing that’s happening or the next thing that I know will be coming down the pike but can’t even begin to predict. I am experiencing dread regularly now, in a way that I maybe never have before, and that’s exhausting, physically and emotionally. I feel guilty that I’m not doing more in every single area of my life: not reaching out to friends as much as I want to, not managing to be a flawless professional success in the way that I want to, not doing enough politically, not reading enough or blogging enough or keeping my house clean enough–

YES YES. The list goes on.

But what I think about the internet, about blogging in particular, is that it helps me to see that y’all are still there. Humans are contagious as hell with our emotions, and it helps me to see other people out there who haven’t given up. I don’t just mean people who haven’t given up hashtag-resisting. I mean people who haven’t given up frantically, vocally loving the things they love. Doing sportsy shit with their kids. Advocating for books and TV shows that are flying under the radar. Seeking out and publishing authors from marginalized groups because they deeply believe we need those voices (hi Book Smugglers!). It helps me to see people continuing to care about stuff, at a time when the world seems like it’s trying to bash us all into apathy.

(When I was contemplating this post on Monday, I said to Alice, “Is this just going to be some sunshiny Pollyanna bullshit?” It uh it is less sunshiney in execution than it maybe was in conception ha ha thanks Trump.)

I also told Alice, fairly insistently, that it’s better to do something than nothing. Even if the something doesn’t live up to our best hopes for ourselves, it’s still something, it’s still not nothing, it’s still us trying. I have the kind of brain that wants to insist I have to be perfect or be nothing — which is a total mug’s game because you can’t be perfect, and that only leaves nothing as an option. And nothing’s like, a really bad option. So I am always having to make a conscious effort to choose something.

I’m founding a thing I shall call Something on Sundays, which will commence THIS VERY SUNDAY and will have a link-up. The only guidelines are that you write about something that kept you on your feet that week, whether that’s a person that inspired you, an action you took that you’re proud of, a book or movie or TV show that nourished your heart, a self-care strategy that worked for you, a goofy event or moment that brought you joy. Whatever it is, every Sunday, I want you to tell me something that matters to you. If you don’t have enough energy for a post, tweet it at me (you can use the hashtag #SomethingonSunday).

Cool? Cool.

27 thoughts on “Something on Sunday (a Tiny Plan)”

  1. The timing of this post is really good, as I was feeling discouraged that my 500-some member political group could only produce three people to help me write postcards to campaign donors last night. So despite last weekend being great, I was discouraged. I’ll find something for next Sunday.
    Besides posts of our own or tweets, have you thought about your own post being a place for people who don’t have the energy to write their own to gather and comment about what’s keeping them going?

  2. I have to say that my life has become a little easier once I decided that I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore over my house not being spotless all the time. 🙂 I like your suggestion, because I am much happier since I’ve decided to force myself to find something to be grateful for every single day. It’s little things, mostly, but it helps to block out all the people who do nothing but scream at each other. So I’ll definitely try to contribute some “Pollyanna bullshit”! 🙂

  3. I SUPER love this idea! Also I have the same brain-problem that you do about perfect vs. nothing … it is exhausting to be this way because, like you, I constantly have to remind myself that not-nothing is much better than nothing and being perfect isn’t even close to possible.

  4. As usual, Jenny is a genius. I don’t know if I’ll remember to do this each week but I know I need to. I’ve had to make a conscious effort recently to be a regular person again. I am getting a little better at it but probably won’t make it all the way back to normal until after this hell is over.

  5. I love this. I am WAY behind on blogs (see everything is terrible and I am tired and sometimes just want to mindlessly scroll through social media instead of thinking) and this is great and I look forward to Sunday

  6. I don’t know if I’ll jump in on this, since I’m still feeling a bit behind on the blogging stuff already on my plate, but I’ll try and I’ll definitely check out what everyone else shares. I think we could all use some positivity right now 🙂

  7. In the peer-to-peer counseling tradition with which I was raised, there’s a concept called “New & Goods.” The idea is that by identifying and sharing something that happened recently that was good in your life, you focus your attention on the positive and on the present, rather than dwelling in either past hurts or future fears. (There were plenty of ways to address those within a counseling session, but the goal was to learn to live positively, in the here and now, whenever you weren’t in a session.)

    It seems to me that your idea for Something on Sundays is very much in the spirit of New & Goods. Both the act of writing our own Something on Sunday, and reading what others have to say, are likely to have a similar beneficial effect. I think you also make a very good point that observing others being excited or happy is contagious and encouraging — especially if what they are excited about is something you love, too.

    I’m one of those people who has been struggling to stay motivated to blog this year, for a variety of reasons. So I would love to incorporate Something on Sundays into my future Sunday Posts, if you don’t mind sharing a post with someone else’s meme.

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