I’m Actually Really Anxious about Saturday: A Links Round-Up

Hi friends it is Friday but I have a Thing on Saturday that I’m terrified about, so Friday is no relief to me at all. Come Saturday night I will be relieved, and then not too long after that I have a vacation, and that will be very lovely indeed. In the meantime, have some links.

Mallory Ortberg’s piece about trying a binder for the first time is immensely lovely and moving (though also quite melancholy).

On Hemingway tourism in Cuba. Oh Hemingway. What a poop he was.

Deji Bryce Olukoton writes on the future of Nigeria and Nigerian science fiction upon the release of his debut novel, After the Flare. Sounds excellent!

Signature Reads pairs Tarot cards with books! It’s so in my wheelhouse!

What it’s like to have books that represent you (versus books that seem to hate you or not even to know you exist).

Subway systems (surprise!) are woefully unable to provide access to people who use wheelchairs. The Guardian compares subway maps to subway maps that show only stations with disability access.

Here is a story of Oscar and Constance Wilde promoting what passed for genderfuckery in Victorian times. Bless their hearts.

Ewwwww, Jack Sparrow impersonators are constantly getting sexually harassed at Disney and on cruises. Gross. Gross. No. Ew.

Indian Country Today is closing down its operations, and we’re losing a major voice for indigenous people and indigenous news. I’m crushed.

Dit dit dit dit, this just in, Lionel Shriver is a butthead.

I will always share stories about people loving Latin. Always. Here’s one!

There was a dumb article in the New York Times about romance novels that you shouldn’t read. Instead, you can just read this response to it! (Okay, and you can read the article itself; it’s linked herein.)

Happy weekend, friends! See you here on Sunday for happy news.

8 thoughts on “I’m Actually Really Anxious about Saturday: A Links Round-Up”

  1. I read the Jack Sparrow thing wistfully; Eleanor loved him when the first movie came out, when she was 13. Now (after Amber Heard) she can’t stand the actor. Another thing from her childhood that’s gone.

  2. That article on Oscar and Constance Wilde made me love him that much more!

    And coming onto someone dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow? What is wrong with people?

  3. Sending comforting thoughts your way for Saturday! <3
    And my sister dated a Jack Sparrow when they were both working at Disneyland. He turned out to be a jerk. Go figure.

  4. I loved the Constance and Oscar Wilde article. Delightful! Always good to remember how far we have come. I think my mom couldn’t wear pants to school until she was in high school. NUTS.

    Hope Saturday goes well! ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ

  5. Hey…I’m writing this on Saturday night and I feel good on your behalf! Hope whatever you had today went well. Just for good measure I’m hoping your every day goes well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I went to Disneyland Paris this summer, not a Jack Sparrow impersonator in sight, sadly. We did ride Pirates of the Caribbean multiple times, however. It’s still fun but I now find the movies rather cringe-worthy because of Johnny Depp. (And I’m truly annoyed that he showed up in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

    Never liked Lionel Shriver much,I really and truly hated the book Prep. American Wife was better, but she seems like kind of a jerk.

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