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Okay, y’all, we’re trying this out! Per my post from last week, I want to take some time on Sundays to talk about things that kept me moving forward or gave me some joy. Tweet at me or link your posts in the comments, and I swear that next week I will have a proper Mr. Linky for your use. (I have encountered technical difficulties.)

Proud of:

I convinced two more people to try out the life-changing packing cubes (and perhaps other products!) of Ebags Dot Com, who somehow have still not given me an endorsement deal. I also received some wonderful advice for off-label use of packing cubes in long-term storage situations. God I love packing cubes.


Outlaws of the Atlantic: Sailors, Pirates, and Motley Crews in the Age of Sail, by Marcus Rediker. Turns out this dude’s not just coasting on his reputation as the foremost maritime historian of our era. His books are legitimately really good: well-researched, informative, and entertaining.

Charmed by:

My sister and my baby nephew were at the coffee shop, and the baby was flirting — as he does — with everyone in line. When it came time to pay for her tea, my sister started trying to juggle the baby and the baby bag and her purse to fetch out money to pay for it; and the lady behind her in line said, “Hers is on me. I remember what that was like.”

Happy about:

Duolingo revamped their interface and I like it so much! I’m learning Spanish and feeling fancy!

Tell me about your Something on Sunday, friends!

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26 thoughts on “Something on Sunday”

  1. I held my friend’s kitten and saw the new Kingsman movie. It’s tacky and terrible and has the most marvelous revenge fantasy (this one for the American voter) that I’ve seen since Inglorious Basterds.
    I love this idea but can only play along in the comments because my job and political commitments are out of control the last couple of weeks. The “half-time” is more than full time right now, and there’s so much to be done at the end of the outdoor canvassing season in northern climes.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this all week! My suggestion for all: tinycarebot on twitter ( Basically, tinycarebot tweets out self-care reminders, and whenever one pops up, it’s such a gift — a reminder to breath in deep, or take a sip of water, or stand up. I love it. AND it/they will @ you if you need it!

    Your charmed by story reminds me of when I had a newborn — my baby was 6 weeks old when I had to renew our resident parking sticker, and I only remembered on the very last day — so needless to say, the line at City Hall snaked up two floors. Unabridged Newborn started crying, and mom network went into action — a woman on the floor below called me down to her, and she basically yelled to the whole line — does anyone mind if this exhausted new mom go in line ahead of all of us? If anyone disagreed, they clearly didn’t think they could protest because every other mom immediately agreed I should go first. It was such a lovely, touching gesture that so positively impacted me — I try to pay it forward whenever I can!

    My wife has taken Unabridged Toddler for the whole morning, so I’m having coffee and brownies, I’ve lit a candle to channel some hygge into this suddenly autumnal day in Boston, and I’m feeling pretty good!

    Hope you and everyone else is having an awesome day! xo

  3. I didn’t come up with a post this week but I super love yours. I hope to have one up myself next Sunday!

  4. I love this! I meant to write something for this (and you) but forget in my effort to unplug a bit this weekend. I will try next weekend, maybe incorporate it into my Fabulous Fridays.

  5. What a n ice thing that lady did for your sister! It’s stuff like that that gives me hope the world is not completely lost yet.

  6. I entirely meant to do this and failed BUT since it’s weekly, I’ll be in another time ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is GREAT and I’m going to echo the others and try to get myself together enough to be able to participate next week. That was so nice of that lady. Hooray for people not being terrible to each other (a reminder I feel like we need).

    ALSO we used packing cubes on our vacation this summer based on one of your earlier recos and OMG. I brought way too many clothes but WHO CARES cos everything was super organized and fit just fine. It was amazing.

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