Reading the End Bookcast, Ep. 90: Forgotten Children’s Books and Watership Down

In the midst of strife and terror, Whiskey Jenny and I return to old favorites. This week we’re talking about children’s books that we love that an insufficient number of other people do, and then reviewing Richard Adams’s classic book Watership Down. We have a lot of feelings about Bigwig. Maybe we tear up a little. Who’s to say.

Watership Down

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Here are the time signatures if you want to skip around!

1:23 – What We’re Reading
4:35 – Serial Box Book Club: Episode 2 of Geek Actually
16:17 – Rescuing children’s books from obscurity
32:15 – Watership Down, Richard Adams
58:35 – What We’re Reading for Next Time!


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  • Citizen Reader

    Okay, this is so egomaniacal, but I wrote an entire essay based on my relationship with my Dad and how much “Watership Down” meant to us. ( Thank you SO MUCH for this podcast, talking about that awesome book. Can’t really say that Bigwig was my favorite–I was a sucker for Blackberry (I’ve always had a weakness for engineers)–but share your love for PIPKIN!

  • This is the first time I’ve gotten around to listening to your podcast/bookcast/Jennycast and you’re so bouncy!!! XD Also (and hopefully this is a compliment!) you sound a lot younger than I thought you would! (Maybe it’s all the references to gin… makes me think of older people!)