Something on Sunday, 10/8

Happy Sunday, friends! I am right now hanging with my sister, the coolest and bravest lady on earth, and drinking fancy coffee from her confusing coffee maker. Later we are having scones. Tell me what’s going on with you this Sunday!

Touched by:

This thread by my pal, literary webseries pusher, and Women in Translation Month founder Meytal (at Biblibio).

Happy about:

I got a new watch with a verrrrrry thin band so it sits between my wrist bone and the base of my thumb, and every time I check what time it is, I feel like Lauren Bacall.

Also! I have been complaining pretty regularly about the absence of a full The Last Jedi trailer, but Mark Hamill as good as promised we’d be getting one tomorrow, October 9th. THAT IS TOMORROW AND I AM SO EXCITED.

Inspired by:

these three children’s book authors canceling an appearance at a Dr. Seuss museum on account of a racist mural. It is good to see people standing up for kids and doing the right thing. The museum has since said they will be removing the mural (although it would have been best if they’d removed it when the authors asked them to, not when they got all the negative publicity).

Self-cared for:

My sister said, “Here, try this weighted blanket!” so I lay down and put the blanket on top of me and I was like “I am compressed! But I don’t care,” and then I lay there for a bit longer and I was like “I am compressed! Actually this is kind of okay,” and then I lay there for a bit longer yet and I was like “Huh I prefer not to get up, maybe ever.” So there you go. Weighted blankets. It was too weighty to sleep under, but if you are experiencing anxiety, as who is not?, perhaps consider a weighted blanket to assist you.

Tell me about your Something on Sunday, friends! I confess I did not get the linky-loo working yet, and I may not have it working for next Sunday either because I have a very busy week this week BUT hopefully we will have it all set for the Sunday after that. I AM SORRY and hopefully you still love me.

9 thoughts on “Something on Sunday, 10/8”

  1. Weighted blankets are indeed the bomb for lots of people. I made one (as a commission) last year and it was an INCREDIBLE PAIN, so here’s my advice: if you look at the price of a weighted blanket and think “I could make one of those for less than that!” and you start googling tutorials –don’t do it. Just spend the $90. Way more than $90 worth of blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention broken needles) goes into making one at home.

    Here’s my link:

  2. omg, I want a weighted blanket! I am so jealous.

    I had not heard about the Dr. Suess stuff, so that news is very happy making in general! Yay for standing up for what’s right! Yay for getting people to rethink their tomfoolery!

  3. I could probably use a weighted blanket because I always kick mine off at night and get cold. Thanks Jean for the tip about not bothering to make one yourself, otherwise I might have tried!

    Today I went to a wool festival and bought yet another spindle — I can never resist. And some yummy purple angora-wool roving. Spinning is so calming.

  4. So once again I didn’t get my shit together enough for an actual post. BUT my sister had her 4th child on Saturday, giving me my third niece, and her name is Mikenna and she is amazing and I love her already. So that’s something. 🙂

  5. I’m loving these posts! I’m not sure if I’m prepared to do one for this Sunday, but I’m inspired by yours and I think it could be really nice to spend the week looking for things to include.

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