Not My Cheeriest Ever Links Round-Up

Happy Friday the 13th, friends! Hopefully it brings you good luck, not bad. I’m having a strange, emotional week, but it includes a lot of wonderful friends whom I get to vigorously embrace, so that bit’s good. Have some links!

“White men’s rage is burning down the world”: Sady Doyle on the profile of the mass shooter.

Also, an older article but an evergreen reminder that a lot of these people do it for the glory. Use the shooter’s name sparingly, if at all, when discussing crimes like these.

At a different point along the toxic masculinity spectrum, some thoughts from Aja Romano on the worst of Rick and Morty fandom and the recent dust-ups over Szechuan sauce at McDonald’s.

On Shirley Jackson and the fetishization of lady murderers. (This article includes spoilers for We Have Always Lived in the Castle.)

Did I link this last time? Lani Sarem’s interview with Vulture? It’s gold. I said “oh SHIT” a couple of times while reading it. Spoilers, Lani Sarem is an enormous liar.

Here’s some really good internet discourse content for your delectation and delight.

Harvey Weinstein in case you missed it (you didn’t miss it) has been accused of a massive amount of sexual harassment going back decades. He has so far apologized for doing it, called his accusers liars, and threatened to sue the New York Times. Rebecca Traister responds. Jia Tolentino also.

I am now in love with D’Arcy Carden, who plays Janet on The Good Place. Read this interview only ONLY if you are caught up on The Good Place.

When should you talk to your children about fascism?

I don’t watch Younger, but I do work in publishing, so this fact-check of Younger’s depiction of publishing charmed me no end.

Have a great weekend!

  • J’eanne

    It has been a hard week, but the interview with the woman who plays Janet made me smile. J’eanne

  • No one should ever get their news from TMZ. (eyeroll)

    “White men’s rage, if you haven’t noticed, is burning down the world.” Ouch. This hurts me so much. It makes me want to cry. This whole week made my heart hurt though. Yet another week in which it sucks to be a woman in this country.

    I saw the comments about Szechuan sauce on Twitter and had no idea what they were talking about. Um. People are messed up to get that worked up about a stupid dipping sauce.

    Speaking of eyerolls, I think I sprained mine reading that Lani Sarem article.

    I hope you have a much better week next week!

  • Akilah

    The bible hot take was fun, though I have read it in other places in other ways before. (“I’m cool with Jesus; it’s his fans I have a problem with,” etc.) I liked the fanfic jibes and JC as Mary Sue for sure.

  • Haha, the bible take was quite funny. Thanks for sharing! 🙂