Something on Sunday: 10/22

Happy Sunday, friends, and welcome back to the third-for-me-but-fourth-overall Something on Sunday! I missed last week due to travel plans and being lazy, but from NOW ON there will be ALWAYS a Something on Sunday for y’all lovely people to splash around in. Here’s what I’ve got.

Intisar Khanani, an author I adore and cherish, has landed a two-book deal with Harper Teen. They’ll be reissuing her book Thorn, a marvelous retelling of “The Goose Girl,” and she’ll be writing a companion novel to go with it, tentatively called A Theft of Sunlight. Intisar Khanani seems like a truly lovely human person, and I am so happy for her to get this deal. I hope it leads her on from success to success, for she is marvelous.

The new Black Panther trailer is out and it looks amazing. This movie is going to make so much money. Just let me give you my money, Black Panther. But the gilding of the lily is that when Michael B. Jordan’s casting was first announced, I desperately wanted him to be a bespectacled science guy. He’s kind of the opposite of that? He’s a muscley villain? BUT MY SPECTACLES WISH WAS GRANTED:

Dear Lord, thank you for this blessing. I will strive to be worthy of it.

A stranger on my bus caught me leaving my coffee mug behind me when I got up on Wednesday, and he stopped me and made sure I had it before I got off the bus. Yay for random niceness. Will try to pay forward.

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Narrator: She was not.

  • It’s always great to hear a favorite author has a new book deal. I think I have Thorn on my Kindle, though I haven’t read it yet. I’ll bump it higher up my TBR list, since you recommend it.

    • Yes yes, I recommend it so highly! I hope you read it soon and love it; I promise you will not regret hopping aboard the Intisar Khanani train. If you want to start with something shorter, her novella Sunbolt is also really wonderful.

  • Random acts of kindness for the win!! There is still hope for humanity!

  • GZ⭐️Bell

    So flipping excited for Black Panther Movie! I want it in my face immediately!

    Also super curious about Thorn now going to see about getting it soon!

    • I WANT BLACK PANTHER AT ONCE. How is it still so far away?

      You will not regret picking up Thorn! It’s wonderful!

  • JeanPing

    Agreed on the Black Panther movie. Looking forward to that!

    • Me too! I am actually looking forward to now TWO Marvel movies, which at this point I had kind of begun to believe would never happen again. :p This one and Thor Ragnarok both look super fun.

  • I, too, very much want to read Thorn; I’ve heard so many good things.

    • Yes, yes, read it! If you want to wait for the re-release, I expect they’ll do some work on it before then; but if not, the ebook is quite cheap and so so worth it.

  • That Black Panther movie does look amazing. Good thing that happened to me this week: I saw an AMAZING exhibit of 19th-century artwork by women. There was like, sooo much art.

  • I love Intisar! I was so happy when I heard she got the double book deal, I cried. Are you in her Facebook group? I am going to link up my Sunday post, but I have to figure out why Mr. Linky is not happy with me. Ha ha. Maybe I have to re-login on this Kindle. As soon as I figure it out I will link. I joepe you are having a wonderful week. ☺

    • No, I still get no link prompt, only a list of those alresdy linked. I’ll try next week.

  • I’ve still only read Thorn by Intisar, but I must fix that. I’m really happy to hear she got a book deal too! Hopefully it will get more people reading Thorn 🙂