Something on Sunday: 11/5

Have we all falled back appropriately? Here’s hoping that it doesn’t wreck our sleep schedules: For some reason springing forward this year utterly kicked my ass and turned me into a zombie, although usually I am immune to time changes. Who knows, guys.

What’s keeping you on your feet this Sunday? Link it up below so we can all rejoice in it!


The experience of walking while carrying a coat and hat. The weather lately has been doing those confusing 3o- to 40-degree swings between night and day, which means I go into work wearing a coat and hat but leave work in shirt-sleeves. I was initially annoyed about carrying the hat around, but it turns out that having a coat folded over one arm and holding a hat at the end of that arm makes me feel exactly like an old-time movie star. Hooray!


Happy about:

Guy Fawkes Day! I have remember-remembered this fifth of November, even if that does not translate into lighting anything on fire. I hope my friends across the pond have a tremendously jolly day of lighting things on fire!

Charmed by:

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s friendship with Jonathan Groff. To whom is this not pleasing? They love each other and it is so sweet.

What’s going on with you, friends?

  • J’eanne

    I have fallen; we are fallen. Not literally, luckily. Distracted from the political climate by reading The Buried Giant which is way better than I expected (my review is up today) and winning at trivia (pub trivia format at a symphony fundraiser dinner in a Columbus suburb) with my team last night.

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  • JeanPing

    Woke up with nasty tension headache and am not up to posting, which is too bad, because I was going to brag about winning a third-place ribbon at the local quilt show…and also I love fall.

  • I detest Daylight Savings Time and when it ends I feel like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber when he tries on the colored tuxedo and is so happy he dances around the dressing room. The fall time change makes me feel normal for the first time in months. The spring time change wreaks havoc on every part of my body. It never used to do so, but I have found that as I get older, losing that hour each spring does not sit well with me.

    What you said about carrying your coat over your arm? I feel like that when I manage to actually have my coat buttoned and am wearing gloves. It feels like an extension of my outfit and when I do those things makes me feel more polished and prepared for the day. Isn’t it odd how such a little thing can make us feel so good?

  • Kristen M.

    The ones in my house who are totally not on board with standard time are the cats. When they want dinner at 5 and I make them wait, they get very angry with me.

  • Aonghus Fallon