Just Gonna Split These Down the Middle: A Links Round-Up

Welp, another Friday, another week of sexual assault revelations. Since I’m guessing some of y’all are tired of reading even quite excellent cultural commentary about sexual predators, I’m going to split these links up for you. Here’s the ones that don’t contain any sexual assault:

It’s the year of our Lord 2017, and we are just now publishing the first translation of the Odyssey by a woman. (Buy it! The physical book is really beautiful!)

Angelica Jade Bastien on Now Voyager

I never don’t click on articles about the medieval historians trying to fend off Nazis. (Poor medieval historians! They really do not want Nazis at their luau.)

Men elevate foods; women ruin them. (It’s about gender bias, but not sexual assault. Yay?)

An excellently stern rebuttal to Francine Prose’s stupid piece in the New York Review of Books. I do not like Francine Prose.

Thor: Ragnarok, a movie I loved, is nevertheless fairly muddled as to its message about Empire. Noah Berlatsky unpacks some of that. But see also Gavia Baker-Whitelaw.

“Write because they are cutting out our tongues.” This piece is not about sexual assault, but it is about totalitarianism in the Philippines.

And then here are the links that are about sexual assault (partly or entirely). If you’re only going to read one of these, pick the first one. It’s real good.

How sexual harassment stories are like ghost stories, a horrifyingly accurate analysis by Jess Zimmerman.

The author of a new book about college football (FSU in particular) says scandal follows “where the excessive devotion is.” Shitdamn that’s a good point.

Alexander Chee on Kevin Spacey’s glib, yucky “coming-out” and what it says about his attitude toward the gay community.

Nobody needs to give a shit about Louie CK’s artistic legacy.

Have a great weekend! Chill outside if the weather is nice where you are! Cuddle up with a blanket and some hot cocoa if not!

  • I am most definitely asking for that version of The Odyssey for Christmas!

    The headlines this morning have me wanting to walk out of work citing the need for a mental health day because they are so horrible I might lose my mind. This world has become terrifying.

  • Jeanne H. Griggs

    I am not liking Francine Prose anymore, which pains me because the kids and I loved her novel After (a YA post-apocalyptic novel about a high school using a nearby shooting to restrict the freedom of the students in increasingly horrifying and Orwellian ways–this came out when my kids were in HS and it was almost too real for us). But I really hate it when anyone says “I haven’t read ____” and then proceeds to talk about whatever they guess it might have been about. There’s really no excuse for not reading. As Orwell says, “ignorance is strength.”

    • Jeanne

      To clarify, I did notice that #15 is that she read the Prose piece in the NY Review of Books. It’s clear, though, that she did not read the novel Mister Monkey.

  • As a recovering academic, I really wish I hadn’t clicked on that link about Nazism in medieval studies. UUUUUUHG PEOPLE 🤬