Something on Sunday: 11/12

Happy Sunday, friends! If you’re anything like 90% of the people I follow on Twitter, you’re very tired of hearing miserable stories about sexual assault. So this Sunday (and all the Sundays!) I bring you some glad tidings, which hopefully will be a small tonic.

Inspired by:

Gal Gadot refusing to reprise her role as Wonder Woman unless Warner Brothers ensures that Brett Ratner’s involvement with the DCU ends. I don’t know if she’ll stick to her guns but I sure do hope so.

Happy about:

Voting! I early voted! I sure love voting, y’all. Doing my civic duty can be a pain in the ass sometimes, like when it is jury duty season, but at other times it makes me purely happy. Voting makes me happy.

Charmed by:

My baby nephew learning what a tiger is. He now semi-consistently says “Raow” in a tiny, growly voice, if you ask him what a tiger says. Sometimes, if he spots a tiger or a lion or a large yellow cat in one of his books, he will also say, with great seriousness, “Giger.” What a good and nice baby he is.

(I admit that he saw a squirrel yesterday and said RAOW but I choose to believe he was trying to indicate that he recognizes a squirrel as the type of thing a tiger would roar at, then eat.)

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8 thoughts on “Something on Sunday: 11/12”

  1. Oh your nephew sounds adorable! I wish him well with his ambition to be a tiger. I like voting too 🙂

    Thank you for starting Something on Sunday – it’s been nice to stop and remember the fun things during the week!

  2. Nephews are the best! Glad you have each other–good strong smart aunts are one of the first steps in making good strong smart boys. RAOW!

  3. Now, I think these sexual assault stories, while brutal, are leading to something good. What I am tired of is the GOP supporting Moore and their utter inability to separate themselves from the party first, morals second mentality.

  4. All of the sexual assault/harassment stories that have been coming out this week have been making me furious. How hard is it just to act like a human? UGH. Yay Gal Godot, I hope they make a change so she doesn’t have to back down in order to keep playing a role she’s magnificent in. And yay little nephews, that’s adorable 🙂

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