Something on Sunday: 11/26

Hey y’all, sorry this is going up a little late. I had a rough weekend and I’m feeling really glum and having a hard time looking on the bright side. But: I read a wonderful (but sad) YA novel called Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, and it reminded me again of how much I love to read; and I caught up on the new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is absolutely terrific. So there’s that!

Let me know what’s good in your  neck of the woods!

12 thoughts on “Something on Sunday: 11/26”

  1. I’m sorry you’re glum. I promise that reading Gnomon would help, and it’s not anything like a comic-book.

  2. Hey – sorry to hear you’re glum too – I wanted to say though that taking the time to remember all the good things that have happened to me this week has been helpful in getting me ready to face the next one! Sending hugs to you 🙂

  3. My daughter and I had an idea today for a 2017 gif that will feature a train falling off a cliff and exploding. We feel that it will accurately sum things up.

  4. I’m reading Ivanhoe, and it’s the first thing I’ve ever wanted to live-tweet. So amazing! Including all the parts where I’m super glad I don’t live in the 19th century. Also: a good Thanksgiving. I’m so sorry you had a hard weekend. Sending love.

  5. Aw. I’m sorry you had a tough holiday. My weekend was crazy busy with work and I took the lead on Thanksgiving dinner soooo at this point I’m like, What holiday? But overall it was good. I think my turkey came out well, and the dressing was super yummy.

  6. I have been feeling glum too but a Kate Milford reading marathon helped me recover a bit (Greenglass House and Ghosts of Greenglass House). But now I am done and I have a really stressful thing happening later this week so I need to find a new distraction. Hopefully I have something good to report next Sunday.

  7. I’m sorry you were low this weekend and continue to struggle. I hope you can find some solace soon. Shout out to me on Twitter or via email if you need to talk/vent or need some support!

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