Something on Sunday: 12/3

Oh, friends, what a goddamn week. I’m sorry to everyone who had to live through that week. If you’re able to call your senators and representatives this upcoming week about the tax bill, please do it. If you’re not, hang in there because you have people rooting for you.

Despite all the shit in Congress, I am feeling ~98.6% better about life than I was last Sunday. Here are a few of the reasons why:

This week, one of my very favorite people came to visit, and I was able to give her a small gift that I’ve been hanging onto for her since December 2016. Seeing her is always such a joy. She made me laugh, I got to give her hugs, and we watched an episode of Black Sails together. All the things that are best in life.

Our fanfic podcast went live (after more time spent editing than you can imagine), and I learned that someone I made friends with on Twitter because she’s a fan of the podcast is the whole entire reason I now read fanfic. That is slightly an exaggeration but not much of one: She consulted on the Vulture article that got me started reading fic, and the first fic I ever, ever read (The Shoebox Project) was her recommendation. It made me super happy to learn that someone I really like introduced me to something I really like. Synergy!

My cousin called. If you are among the fortunate people in my life who haven’t had to listen to the tragic and tedious saga of 2017 Family Drama, you may not appreciate how momentous this is. But it meant a lot to me.

I saw an Akita out with its human and suddenly remembered one of my very favorite dogs from childhood, my grandmother’s Akita, Buddy. Until I met Jazz, Buddy was the best dog I had ever met, and it remains a very close run. Buddy was always gentle and sweet with me and my cousins, no matter how annoying we were. When he wanted pets (i.e., as soon as we got out of the car at my grandmother’s), he walked over to you and lean heavily against your side. If you were the smallest girl in your class, you really had to brace yourself against Buddy’s affectionate leans. He was such a good, good, good dog. I am sad that he is gone, but happy to have had the years with him that I did.

Akitas are very good dogs
this is an Akita

Finally, my baby nephew has been adorable this week even by his standards. I was over at my sister’s place, and she was fixing me a gin and tonic, and my nephew reached out, touched the bottle of Hendrick’s with one finger, and said, “Gin.” I said, “Whoa, what?” and he said, “Gin.” He also went to the bookstore with my mother and had a fit of delight over discovering that the bookstore had some of his favorite books. He toddled over to the shelves and tried to take them down so my mother would read them to him. This kid’s a genius and has excellent priorities. I would alter nothing.

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9 thoughts on “Something on Sunday: 12/3”

  1. We watched an excellent episode of Black Sails. Now in season two and starting to wonder when John Silver will get “long” and lose his leg…

  2. My therapy at work when the news gets shitty has been to watch dog videos or look at puppy pictures. I am endlessly amazed at how they can love us so unconditionally. We as humans do not deserve dogs, but they make the world and people so much better than we are.

  3. Advent is my favorite season and now it is Advent. Would you rather have growing light and hope, or an apocalypse of justice? Or both? Let’s have both!

  4. I do not need to know the details of your family drama to understand how great it is to hear from someone who has been kind of MIA.

    That is SO COOL about the internet friend synergy and seeing one of your favorite people. Always a delight. I love hearing the story about your nephew. I swear, part of what keeps me going is seeing the pictures of everyone’s cute kids on various social media.

  5. I have been drinking some very nice green jasmine tea, reading Diana Wynne-Jones and making Christmas cards. This has been very nice indeed, though I confess the actual cards looked markedly crappier than the cards in my head. Ah well. If anyone asks, I’ll say my daughter made them. 🙂

  6. I feel like I’m stumbling to keep up with my life these days–not in a bad way, but it’s overwhelming sometimes. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, but thank you for putting this blog and the podcast out into the world. They both make my day brighter.

  7. In a similar vein to the news about your cousin, I ran into an old friend at a cafe this weekend. It had been at least six months since I’d last heard from her and I’d been worried something had happened to her. It turned out she’d had a rough time and had needed to be a hermit for a bit, but that she’d let that go on for so long that she actually felt embarrassed to contact me again. Now that the ice is broken, we have been talking a bit more. I’m so relieved that she is okay.

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