I’d say that I am currently at peak excitement for The Last Jedi, but it’s impossible to say with any certainty. As we draw ever closer to Star Wars Day (the 15th but actually for me probably the 16th), I likely will grow ever more excited until I see the movie or explode, whichever comes first. So let’s start this week’s round-up with some Kelly Marie Tran news.

Kelly Marie Tran in Buzzfeed. Kelly Marie Tran in EW. Kelly Marie Tran sorting Star Wars characters into Hogwarts houses, an activity she’s so pumped to do. And lest we forget, here’s John Boyega’s last-year enthusiasm for her, bless his heart.

I think about this picture a normal, sane amount.

Okay, good. We are all happy now, about Kelly Marie Tran. Now back to dismantling the patriarchy. (PS Kelly Marie Tran being in Star Wars is also dismantling the patriarchy, thanks Kelly Marie Tran, we owe you.)

“Many men will absorb the lessons of late 2017 to be not about the threat they’ve posed to women but about the threat that women pose to them.” Rebecca Traister on all this sexual assault business.

Love this interview with Roxane Gay.

Comedians have to get over themselves, says Drew Magary. And he attacks that awful trope of shitty, offensive comedians being truth-tellers, THANK CHRIST.

How Get Out inspired a UCLA course on horror and racism. Get Out is a movie I have seen, and it is very frightening and has lots of creepy, clever little Easter eggs for, like, critical race theory nerds. (I’m kidding.) (Sort of.)

The movie was better: AV Club has a round-up of movies that out-awesomed the books they were based on. I ardently cosign The Princess Bride in particular.

The New York Times published a puff piece about how nice and normal Nazis can be. This is only surprising to people who don’t realize how normal racism has always been.

A NOAH’S ARK REPLICA. I have nothing further to add. It is a REPLICA of Noah’s ARK that you can VISIT AND TOUR.

What would make Matt Lauer’s apology less infuriating?

20 Authors I Don’t Have to Read Because I Dated Men for Years. Bahahah this is gold and not just because she calls Kurt Vonnegut the manic pixie dream girl of American literature.

There was this mind-numbingly stupid article at Slate about how this one lady ended up marrying her boss so we better watch out lest the #MeToo moment GO TOO FAR. Here is a good response.

Happy weekend! Go watch the Star Wars trailer a dozen more times. You’ve earned it.

  • Jeanne

    The juxtaposition of the Roxane Gay interview with the Traister article here makes me think some more about the effect of being a large woman in the world. Gay is the only one I’ve ever heard talk about what it’s like for a woman to not be able to fit into chairs, and that makes me think about how men are often intimidated by a large woman’s size (not just repelled by her fatness, which I’ve experienced more with age, but taken aback by the sheer effrontery of how much space she takes up).

  • I do agree that some men will take away that women are threatening to them, but I think some will actually learn the lessons of the #metoo movement. It won’t be the majority, but it is a step in the right direction.

    I totally agree with the fact that The Princess Bride is a MUCH better movie than book. I don’t understand anyone who says otherwise. I can even be convinced about LOTR.

  • Please don’t explode. πŸ™‚

  • Akilah

    You’re wrong about Princess Bride, but that’s okay. Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie? I can’t really tell. πŸ˜›

    The Roxane Gay interview was great. Thank you!

  • I am now more excited about The Last Jedi than I was before. Thank you!

  • Kristen M.

    Yeah, we’re going to TLJ on the 14th. πŸ˜‰ Z said that he would die if he saw/heard any spoilers this time because we had the big death in TFA spoiled before we went. I don’t know why our local theater has a non-midnight showing on the 14th but it works for us!

  • I wish I were excited about The Last Jedi, but honestly, I’m just nervous! I think it could be really awesome, but it could also be very disappointing. And I also cosign about The Princess Bride πŸ™‚

  • JoV

    I simply adore The Last Jedi and Rose in the movie! I am going to watch some of the backlists (Rogue One and The Force Awaken) and relish in those epic scenes that are reminisce of my childhood. πŸ™‚