It’s Been Too Long Since My Last: Links Round-Up

Oops, the holidays happened and I forgot to post links round-ups. I know you have all been suffering terribly without them. My hope is that you improved the shining hour by catching up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Good Place, my two favorite shows on TV. But if you just moped around a-waiting, here’s the goods at last.

Black women have largely been left out of the conversation about harassment (quelle surprise). Rebecca Carroll talks about her experience of racist belittlement from Charlie Rose.

On the state of Kentucky and the borders of the South.

Gillian Flynn writes about how those men view women. It is rough. No wonder her books are the way they are.

Debut novelist Naima Coster talks about what it meant to have a black woman as her editor. (Her book sounds really good too!)

This season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been incredibly good. Angelica Jade Bastien talks about watching it while coming to terms (again) with her own mental illness and suicide attempt.

Melissa Harris-Perry contemplates the #MeToo backlash, and how we can stop it.

Nikole Hannah-Jones continues to do incredible work on school segregation in the US, and this interview at the Atlantic is fuego. When she writes a book, when that day comes, I am going to buy 29 copies of it and distribute them to a bunch of people.

On the poignancy of acknowledgements in books. I love acknowledgements in books. I am not ashamed.

Carly Lane talks about negative responses to Star Wars and the perils of becoming too committed to fan theories and headcanons.

How were the Porgs created? The answer is goddamn adorable.

Scaachi Koul thinks Logan Paul is an asshole and says so much more eloquently than I ever could.

And by the way, I’m not linking it, but there’s a Washington Post article making the rounds about how maybe Logan Paul did some good by drawing attention to the suicide problem in Japan. Among other things, it implies that media guidelines for reporting on suicide (which are based in research about suicide contagion) are similar in quality to the culture of shame and silence around suicide in Japan. It makes me want to punch a wall. It’s less harmful for the media to say nothing than it is for them to report irresponsibly (as they consistently do). I am wrath.

Happy weekend! Stay warm!

  • StuckinaBook

    I have Such Strong And Yet Also Conflicted Feelings about this series of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, mostly on a tonal level. I’m still obsessively watching it when it comes out, but I think it can’t decide what sort of show it is. A mix of humour and seriousness is great, but I have problems with being expected to laugh at someone implanting a tracking device into somebody’s body, and then having a serious scene about suicide. I don’t think I’ve explained that well, but hopefully you see what I mean.

    • I know exACTly what you mean, and I agree wholeheartedly. It’s one of those tricky things where the show has changed a lot from the first season to now but still has to cope with the ideas and plotlines they put in place over the course of the first season. I have had many many MANY conversations with friends about how the show really hasn’t figured out what it wants to do about the other lady characters, tone-wise. Paula and Valencia and Heather all have some genuinely serious Stuff that the show has set up about them, and you’re right — it’s tonally jarring that the show isn’t dealing with that. Paula in particular has done some egregious things that she hasn’t really been called to account for.

      My sister and I are also annoyed that Rebecca isn’t facing any real consequences for her cruelty to all her friends before she went to New York. Mental illness isn’t a pass to periodically be as cruel as you possibly can, and we think there should be one character who says “you know what, the things you said hurt, and I need some time away from you.”

  • I read that article by Gillian Flynn, and that’s exactly what I thought.

    As far as TV shows go, I am currently watching Gilmore Girls and Parks & Rec, but I have heard great things about Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Gotta check it out.

  • Porgs!!

    I hate to say it but I totally agree with Gillian Flynn. Men do hate women. Not all men. But enough over the centuries to have gotten us to where we are today. Still underpaid, still underappreciated, still considered second-rate citizens.

    I was nodding me head throughout all of the #metoo movement backlash article as well. I love her idea of making the perpetrators and the companies who harbored them literally pay.

  • Kristen M.

    Did you see on the Twitters that Paul F. Tompkins said that he wished that there was a superclip of all of the “Ted Danson squeezing people’s upper arms” moments on The Good Place and someone made it for him?! It was the best. ( )

  • I frequently read the acknowledgments before the book! I love acknowledgments.

    I watched the whole first season of The Good Place in about a day and I… liked it? I was goofily pleased by the real philosophy in it, and I really liked the two main characters, but the other characters less (their acting as well as the characters themselves), and it felt a little repetitive to me.

  • Great links. I’ve started reading Border Wars and got to: “’You think I got a Southern accent?’ She replied without looking up from her circulars, ‘We all have Southern accents.’ I”m fascinated by regional accents. My husband from Mississippi really doesn’t sound southern unless he’s visiting his hometown (and even then, his accent is very light).

  • Care

    Thank you. Great stuff.