Something on Sunday: 2/4/18

GUISE I have to say that my month of January was significantly derailed by the thing where a car hit me and I had to start wearing a terrible neck brace because my neck is lowkey broken. And I did not do Something on Sunday, and I do not want y’all to think that this means I am finished with it. I am not finished with it! It is still the Trump presidency and we still need to talk and hear about good things.

I have a big one for this week. Y’all are about to be shook. My sister masterminded and my friends brainstormed and my mother constructed the following BOOK BOUQUET.

book bouquetAre you impressed? I was so impressed. It will be very hard for me to convince myself to disassemble this book bouquet. Currently it is sitting on my dining room table so that I can gaze upon it while I eat. Every time I walk through the dining room, I am blown away anew by its beauty.

(For the curious, each book is propped up by two small dowels in the back, affixed with tightly-tied ribbons.)

Wow. What a great book bouquet. I am astonished. Link up what’s going on with you, or get at me in the comments!